Fairybox June 2017

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It’s June already! I can’t believe the first month of summer is already over but I already had a light sunburn so the following months of summer I will excessively (at least more than usual) use sunscreen to protect my skin from aging too early and from mutating (cells that are burnt with UV light also have damaged DNA that leads to mutations and those can lead to cancer).

The fairybox was clever enough to include a sunscreen with a good SPF of 30 in this box. The brand is called officina naturae and I never tried it before so we’ll have to try it first before I can state anything about it. It is fragrance-free and based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide but there are certain ingredients I will have to investigate on a little further before I use it on my whole body. Those are:

  • polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate – the ricinoleic acid in there activates the prostanoid receptor and I don’t yet know if this is good or bad
  • alumina – it could be a harmless precursor of aluminum but as I am not sure about it I still have to research


Also a product for summer and already tried and labelled as very good by me is the Primavera organic aloe vera oil in a base of canola oil. I put this on my sunburn on my shoulders and decolleté and it immediately relieved me from pain. The next day, the sunburn didn’t develop as badly as I thought and the second day, it was gone. I have a huge trust in their products!


If you’ve watched my Insta stories you know my boyfriend loved the smell of the next product, the body peeling by Beautyart, handmade in Germany. It smells very peachy and is more of a very thick paste than other peelings. But ingredient-wise, I am again not so happy. Tetrasodium Etidronate for example is thought to be not good for you or the environment, so although the peeling is based on sea salt there aren’t many other ingredients inside I would consider natural.


Then we have a face mask or to be correct two face masks by Luvos. They are a German brand known for their healing clay in many different forms, internal and external use. The hydro masks contains the healing clay “Loess” and plankton extract and is BDIH certified, so shouldn’t contain anything harmful.


The other two products not pictured here are:

  • Purobio eye liner in blue – not matching my greenish eye colour but the products by Purobio work well in general
  • a vegan shampoo sample by officina naturae called ultra gentle

All in all this box gave you products worth 51,83 € for 19,90 € or 23,90 € depending on your subscription status. I think this is a good thing to gift someone not very into natural cosmetics as a present to start with or yourself for some monthly natural surprise.

Will you order the July box? 🙂