First REVIEW: benecos HAND CREAM for happy hands

To relieve my Instagram account from very long texts I decided to write down full reviews of natural cosmetics and green beauty products here. So let’s begin with a very affordable one – benecos HAND CREAM for happy hands.


The packaging is cute and the product itself is BDIH certified (a blog post about labels is up the next days) which makes it a trusty, non-toxic companion for on the go and at home.

First things first – when you open a new product, you smell it. And in this case it unfortunately didn’t smell good. As the product is very lightweight and fluid, sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves no residue I decided to use it nevertheless, but with a little modification: I filled the cream in a new jar and added a few drops of orange essential oil (LaVita). Voilá – I received an effective and orange scented hand cream.


The ingredient list (INCI) shows that the product contains a high amount of flower, fruit and root extracts, for example almond oil and calendula extract amongst many other good ones. It scores a fully green circle in the codecheck app (, which means all ingredients are safe to use, more or less sustainable (palm oil wouldn’t be listed as sustainable, whereas organic palm oil is in the sustainable category) and approved by Ökotest.

My overall impression is that the benecos hand cream is a sound product for its price, especially considering the ingredient list. If you are willing to mix it up with essential oils of your choice it is an enjoyable cream easily personalized with your prefered scent.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for my next review and leave a comment with your opinion, positive and negative is accepted 😉

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