Sudsatorium Rock’n’Rolla Lip Scrub

Hello again and hello chapped lips season!


I am not afraid anymore – I got my SUDSATORIUM lip scrub named Rock’n’Rolla. Why this name? I guess it is because of the action going on in your mouth when licking the scrub off of your lips (–> fizzy candies). So this product is not your usual chemical scrub, it is a FOOD GRADE scrub you can eat after use.

How great??

Do you know what else is great about this product?

It is…liu

  • vegan
  • fair trade
  • cruelty-free
  • organic
  • handmade




The lip scrub contains:hui

  • fair trade organic unrefined sugar
  • organic pomegranate seed oil
  • organic yuzu juice
  • organic goji berries
  • organic non-GMO matcha green tea
  • organic ginseng root
  • organic fizzy candies




What I think should be changed:

  • glass jar instead of plastic jar

I find this lip scrub to be very helpful during fall and winter as some people tend to peel off frazzles of skin that easily occur when it is cold outside and warm inside. If you feel the need to remove chapped parts of your lips the next time, grab this product, peel them gently and enjoy the taste afterwards. No need to destroy the very thin layer of skin on your lips.

If you are interested in this or any other product from SUDSATORIUM but you are afraid of horrendous shipping costs –> please contact me as I am establishing a group of european green beauties gathering their SUDS orders to minimize costs and grab some extras 🙂

Unbenannt-3 Unbenannt-4

lips with lip scrub on —————————-soft and nourished lips after use