Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Shell Schock

Who doesn’t love lipsticks? And who doesn’t love lipsticks from a brand that especially got hyped so much the last year that they are like the number 1 mentioned natural cosmetics?

My friend Sarah from Natural Code send me this pink baby from ILIA over and I was so excited to try and to get to know the product and if it is hyped for a reason.


So the first thing I always do with a new product is smelling it. And in this case I was disappointed. I really don’t like the scent, which is bad, because it just enters your nose continuously when applied. But that was already the one thing that annoys me with this lipstick.


What has to be mentioned because it catches the eyes first is the packaging which is very sleek, minimalistic and feels luxurious due to its matte surface. It is not comparable to any drugstore lipstick container – but the price isn’t, too.

To be honest, the lipstick container just looks and feels outstanding when you compare it to your lipstick collection.


The colour I got is called shell shock and it isn’t a colour I would have picked myself but I am happy I got to try it. They have some other pretty shades online that I would also like to try and that might be of more interest to you if you don’t have pink in your list of favourite colours (like me 😉 ), from a dark bordeaux to a bright coral. This ILIA lippie is available for 26 dollar, by the way.


The colour is pretty – a rosy nude with a little shine to it (not comparable with what the colour looks like from the first appearance) and the texture is good, too. But a little firm for my taste. As you can see in the pictures above and below the colour isn’t highly pigmented and you need to put on several layers to see the best result you can get.

UPDATE: I have first mistaken this product for a lipstick but it really is a tinted lip conditioner (thank you the.baem!), therefor the lack of pigmentation is not going to be taken into the final conclusion here. But I have to say that it sadly also lacks the conditioning properties.

So here you can see that the most hyped products aren’t always the best choice for everyone. I don’t want to drive anyone away from this lipstick because I think someone else might have a whole other opinion about this product – it has to be, why else would it have been hyped that much? But if you are like me, you keep on looking for another lipstick.