Dr. Hauschka Lipliner 06

I never used lipliner because I never found a product I trust. They all didn’t seem to work for me. I saw no recognizable line of colour and it didn’t prevent the lipstick from smudging. Two of those not-working lipliners were from benecos and alverde.

Then I got the Dr. Hauschka lipliner as a present and finally, after all these years, I began using lipliner regularly!


I am beginning to fall in love with the whole Dr. Hauschka range, not that I never admired it from far, but now I am finally at the point were I think paying a little more is worth it! Not that the products are overly expensive but they outrun the drugstore products so many people buy.

This lipliner was 11 € and it will last forever.


That’s how the lips look like when completely filled with the lipliner – no lipstick added! It is a very matte colour (06 – aubergine) and some may already go with this as the finished look. But you could also add a gloss for some shine or use it as a solid base for a deep colour of a lipstick with a similar colour. Of course the layer isn’t as evenly coloured as it would be with a lipstick as the pencil is very hard and can not be distributed that well but with some time and finesse it may work. Or you smudge the colour with your fingers and apply a second layer.


The colour payoff is very good so you can not use this one as a lipliner for a light pink or nude lipstick. But you can develop some nice colour gradients with lipsticks that are a shade lighter or darker – I like to have the outer contour dark and use lighter colours towards the inside of my mouth. That will be the eye-catcher on your next event 😉


If we have a look at the ingredients, we see that Dr. Hauschka used a lot of healing herbs like woundwort, witch hazel and black tea plus rose flower wax for a smooth texture. But we can also see that the product may contain carmine, which is derived from lice that are cooked for the extraction of the dye. Everyone has to decide for him/herself if this is acceptable for him/her or not but I can say that it is quite difficult to find lip products without it.

So apart from the carmine, this lipliner is packed with good ingredients (which are a main feature of the brand) and works really well, so it is a recommendation 🙂