S.W.Basics Makeup Remover

Hello girls,

you know the problem well, I guess: that ocassional fight with our mascara that won’t be removed… it is annoying and the harsh rubbing of our sensitive eye-area isn’t good for a young-looking skin at all. Also makeup can cost us nerves if we need to use tons of cotton balls or pads to remove the last bit of foundation/concealer/… properly.

Not with this one here:


This overly cute looking little glas bottle is indeed quite small, but asolutely adorable to look at and it contains a healthy mixture of oils. Plus, glass is one of the most eco-friendly packaging options in comparison to plastic or aluminum and you can easily refill this bottle afterwards with some DIY infused oils etc.

First, you need to get to know the brand. I love the texts S.W.BASICS write on their products, they are hilarious! For example this one here: “Mascara, you ain’t the boss of me” or “When it comes to dry skin, this bad boy don’t play” (the cream).

But the most important thing is: all their products consist of only a few ingredients. Many brands claim to have a small INCI list, but in this case, it is the truth. The 3 INGREDIENTS in their makeup remover are:

  • organic sweet almond oil
  • organic olive oil
  • organic jojoba oil


How to use this product:

As there is very little product in this bottle in comparison to a standard sized foam or gel face wash, you don’t want to waste the precious oils by letting them sink into a cotton ball. I would recommend gently massaging the oil into your eye-area and around with clean fingers. Then, remove the oil residue with a warm and wet pad or a washcloth.

This product isn’t cheap and I know that some will find the size to be not adequate for the price. But you always also have to consider what kind of company you are supporting with your money. In this case you’d support a brand that tries to reduce the ingredient list and that is something valueable today.

One day, I’ve won a set of their products and I immediately fell in love. This love is still there and I know that the products can convince any of you, so S.W.BASICS products are a serious recommendation 🙂

Note: the remover isn’t my favourite product of S.W.BASICS. Keep your eyes peeled for the real winner of my heart!