Nourish Organic Face Cleanser

Please tell me your most important beauty product…

You may now be thinking about your favourite lipsticks, the best mascara, the foundation that perfectly fits… but what would all this be without the product that removes it all again and cleanses your face?

My most important product every day is a good cleanser!

Why? Well, cleansing your face is essential! Without the ritual every morning and night you would have traces of make up and powders on your skin preventing it from breathing while you sleep (and that is the most important time for your skin!). Impurities would develop, spots would appear on a much higher rate than the usual and don’t even think about leaving conventional, toxic products on your skin – it would have all night to absorb all the bad ingredients!

Fortunately, we all here should be using only natural cosmetics by now which are safe to use but still cover the skin.

The NOURISH ORGANIC MOISTURIZING CREAM FACE CLEANSER is the one I trust at the moment and therefor I want to present it to you:


Ingredient checkup:

*all ingredients are derived from organic agriculture

  • first in the line is aloe vera leaf juice, which cleanses and calms the skin. I love that, because most products have water as the main ingredient. Not this one here!
  • coconut oil – we all know about the magical features of the coconut and it comes second in the INCI list!
  • purified water
  • potassium hydroxide works as a mineral buffer
  • sunflower seed oil – skin nurturing
  • sesame seed oil – smoothes the skin and improves elasticity
  • neem seed oil nurtures the skin
  • guar gum = plantbased thickening agent
  • cucumber extract shrinks pores the natural way
  • watercress extract is rich in antioxidants and a seldomly used ingredient (I have no idea why?)

That’s it! All good, all natural, all beneficial to have on the skin. And it removes every trace of make up and other stuff I put on, only eye make up has to be removed twice once in a while. But that’s okay for natural cosmetics that do no harm.


The formula is also labelled as fragrance-free and that makes the cleanser suitable for sensitive skin and allergy-prone people. My personal opinion is that the cleanser smells like some kind of cereal but even if so: the scent is mild and very light.

Conclusion: use your cleanser daily (twice!) and choose it wisely! I think the Nourish Cleanser is perfect for every skin type, lasts for a long time because of the big size and it is a great product to buy in general 🙂