Graydon – The Green Cream

I presented Graydon before in the post about their sunscreen, therefor I skip that introduction now so that we can directly jump into the review.


This white, shiny and thick cream with a very very subtle green undertone is Graydon’s multitasking product for moisture-needy areas all over the body. I personally only use it on my face because that’s just were the most precious products I have go (with one exception, but for that you will have to ask me privately 😉 ).

Here you’ve got literally salad for your skin!

Just look at the ingredients and imagine how healthy this salad would be. This is also healthy for your skin, so be sure to intake those vitamines from the inside and outside! This product helps at least with one of the tasks 😉

Ingredient checkup (these are not the only ones and not the ones first in line in the INCI, but they are the working agents and the ingredients I love in it):

  • broccoli (brassica oleracea italica) seed oil
  • avocado (persea americana) oil
  • jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil
  • olive (olea europea) oil
  • chlorophyll (chlorophyllin)

The scent of this cream is very special: a mixture of sage, thyme, rosemary, parsley and lemon! You don’t find this combination often. But I like it! It smells green, healthy, earthy, like a garden full of herbs. The essential oils are also said to stimulate the lymphatic system.


As this cream creates a very dewy look on the skin it can also be used under your foundation for a glowy base. My skin is more on the oily side so I can’t wear the Green Cream in combination with makeup or with a bare face as I would shine like the sun (that sounds good but this is too much for a daytime look). Therefor I only put the cream on at night for a super-deep hydration and a healthy supply with antioxidants and vitamins. I also feel like the cream is still on in the morning and therefor do not need to apply it or any other product again.



I recommend this cream to green beauties with a dry and thirsty skin or all others that love a good herbal scent 🙂