Fun’Ethic Eau Micellaire

Did you ever use micelle water aka eau micellaire?

I didn’t, so I was happy as I was able to try one out. This one is from FUN’ETHIC – a french natural cosmetics brand.


Their concept is based on categorizing skin in ages: this one is “avoir 20 ans” which means “I am 20 years old” and is created for girls, whose lifes are in a movement, no settling down yet. Therefor the skin needs another treatment in comparison to older or younger skin. The other categories are: “être ado” = younger and “vivre ses 30 ans” = older.

The “avoir 20 ans” line contains peach extract for its antioxidant properties and for its delivery of vitamins E, C and iron.

Which labels are on this product?

The micelle water and all other products from this series are cosmebio certified ( Here are their regulations for the bio label:

  • At least 95%  of natural ingredients or derived from natural sources
  • At least 95% of plant ingredients are produced by Organic Farming
  • At least 10% of product contents are produced by Organic Farming
  • Note: Cosmetics often contain 50 to 80% water, which cannot be certified as organic.
this picture may make it easier to understand the certification

How to use this product:

I applied a generous amount of micelle water to a cotton pad by shaking the container upside down. Then I went over all arias of my face with this pad to remove foundation, powder, mascara etc. I have to say this product, although it smells a little like alcohol, is very gentle to the skin and can be used to remove eye-makeup. This works quite okay for me, but what upsets me is the amount of cotton pads I need to really have the feeling of a clean face. And as you do clean your face twice a day, there is a huge sum of pads at the end of the day. I don’t like that, nature doesn’t like that –> not good for nature.

I don’t know if you can use micelle water without a cotton pad, if so, this product is a good and safe one, but if not, I wouldn’t recommend producing that much waste just by cleaning your face.