Ecotools Brush Starter Set

Girls, here is my review of the very affordable and essential Ecotools brush starter set:

The first thing that catched my eye was the brilliant compilation of brushes that seemed like a must-have for every make-up look. A concealer brush, a blush brush, an eye-shading brush and an angled eyeliner brush plus one lash & brow groomer. Everything you need. At first. Additional orders containing a contouring brush for bronzer and a brush for foundation aren’t unthinkable 😉 brush

Now a few words to every brush:

blush brush: my favorite! so soft! distributes the perfect amount of product onto your cheeks. I also use it to powder my face.

concealer brush: I mostly apply cream concealer with my fingertips but this brush makes it even easier to target spots and even out the under eye area.

eye-shading brush: I recently threw away all my eye shadows as they aren’t natural cosmetics so I wasn’t able to try this one out. Eye shadow recommendations are requested here 😛

angled eyeliner brush: perfect shape for application of liquid product nearest to your eyelashes or to smudge out solid eyeliner. Also good to fill in eyebrows.

lash & brow groomer: I use it to cut my eyebrows to one length and to brush them into shape. The hard bristles are good for distributing brow-gel or colour.


this is how I store my brushes: in a glass jar with filling material from natural cosmetic orders

The brushes come in a super-cute and ecological dual-pocket cosmetic bag. It is reusable and made with natural materials and EVA (free of phtalates and PVC).



What made me want those brushes the most: they are made from cruelty-free bristles and they are made up of recycled aluminum ferrules and very handy bamboo handles.

Also the paper used to present information about the product is 80% recycled and 100% recyclable. Wheeey to all that sustainability!

My opinion: best brushes I had so far and for that price (15 pound plus discount from really worth a try.


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