Apoterra Sea Clay and Salt Complexion Soap

Hello everyone!

I am a lover of details, of pretty packaging and most of all a lover of uncompromising ingredients. So I was a lucky girl when I received the Sea Clay and Salt Complexion Soap from APOTERRA in my Puritybag.


All of the features stated above are nicely put together in a soap that I am now using for several month and that hasn’t even halved its volume. The longevity and yield of that soap compared to a cleanser packaged in some kind of a dispenser is absolutely sustainable and unbeatable. On top of that, the Apoterra soap comes in a minimalistic paper packaging instead of an environment-harming plastic dispenser.


The ingredients:

saponified olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, cocoa seed butter, dead sea clay, dead sea salt, aloe vera leaf, kelp powder and a clarifying essential oil blend

The concentrations are right in that order and all of the ingredients except clay and salt are certified organic. I am not sure if you are even able to certify clay and salt so we can consider this product as 100% natural and non-toxic.


The features:

The label says this soap helps remove toxins (clay and kelp are good at this), provides mild exfoliation (salt grains help you get rid of dead skin cells), and replenishes your skin with essential nutrients (which kelp and the oils + butters have plenty).

Of course I can’t tell you that the soap does exactly have these features as they aren’t measurable (wait until I get my own lab!) but I can truly say that the soap did a good job with my dry and problematic skin although I need a good moisturizer afterwards. I wouldn’t recommend this soap to people with sensitive skin as saponified olive oil is more harsh than a different kind of cleanser and the salt grains might be too abrasive.

I am living in a big city with plenty of cars and other bad environmental influences that aren’t too good for my skin but I feel that this soap does remove all of the dirt after a long day really well. But you can’t use the soap bar as an eye make-up remover as it really stings in the eyes as every soap does.


I am storing the bar openly in my bathroom, where it sits in a little porcelain bowl and is able to properly dry after every use. But you could also buy a fancy soap holder or anything else for that. I haven’t used this one yet for travelling but I guess you could store it in a box or let it dry completely and put it in a towel.


All in all I really like this soap and I can’t wait to have this used up and try one of their other cute looking soaps. They have some quite amazing ingredient mash-ups like carrot and pumpkin and many more. Be sure to check them out! They are really affordable!

Did I mention how long this soap lasts?? Incredible…