Alva Sensitive BB Cream + SPF

Hey there,

how do you keep your skin sunburn-free during summer? Is it hard for you to remind yourself of using sun protection every day? Do you often skip this step or simply forget it? Do you feel like there is a lack of helpful AND easy-to-wear products?

Then you are not alone. No one likes smearing the SPF 50+ whiter than white sunscreen on his or her face. And if it is rainy and foggy all day you don’t even think about using sun protection at all, right?

You should. Definitely not the 50+ version, but a SPF of 15 never hurt somebody.

Alva does offer a bb cream that makes it easy to use sun protection daily without even knowing it. You get all the benefits from a bb cream like (a little) nourishment and light coverage PLUS a SPF 20.


The ingredients:

sage flower/stem/leaf water, water, emulsifier, lipids, squalane, parfum, mica, safelight filter, jojoba oil, gelling agents, wheat protein, tocopherol (vitamin e), microcrystalline cellulose, hyaluronic acid, babacu oil, acai oil, cellulose, beta 1,3/1,6 glucane and may contain CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77947

I shortened the list a little bit and used umbrella terms so that everyone knows what those chemical features  of the ingredients are. You can check it out in detail on their website (link at the beginning, click “Alva”)

Ecocert certification makes this product safe to use and it is also vegan-friendly! 100% of the ingredients are natural and 20% are from organic origin but in my opinion they could use fewer chemicals even if they are safe. But I know that it is quite hard to create a product that delivers sun protection the pure natural way. If anyone knows a product, let me know in the comments!


As you can see above, there is no big difference in the light-beige and medium-brown version of that bb cream which is not a deal-breaker for me. The cream leaves the tube white and turns beige to light brown on your hand or face while applying. So I think the product adjusts to your skin tone a little, the colour switch makes it at least seem that way.

It is easily applied and does not crease or dramatically clog your pores but be sure to remove it properly at the end of the day!


The packaging really looks fancy and I always put the cream back in there because I like using it.

If you use the  cream on your neck and décolleté, too, as the label suggest, the amount of product (30 ml/ 1,02 fl oz) might only be sufficient for a short German summer (we are not blessed with sun here…) but as the shelf life is only 6 month, it is designed for one season only anyway. If you only use it sparingly and have some product left at the end of summer: don’t worry! We all should use a light SPF every season when we are outside a lot so you can keep putting it on in the morning during fall or winter. BUT you don’t need to be afraid of the sun now. Sunlight is essential for your body so don’t panic.


The properties of the Alva bb cream are perfect in the summer and as the label says they should also be friendly to sensitive skin. I have no fear of applying sunscreen on my face anymore because I know there will be no white smear or shiny cream. The light coverage is quite trusty during the day and the skin doesn’t dry out, so feel free to try this product out this summer! I think they are helping many people out here by having combined a bb cream with sun protection. Fistbump.