Ecotools Brush Starter Set

Girls, here is my review of the very affordable and essential Ecotools brush starter set: The first thing that catched my eye was the brilliant compilation of brushes that seemed like a must-have for every make-up look. A concealer brush, a blush brush, an eye-shading brush and an angled eyeliner brush plus one lash & … Continue reading Ecotools Brush Starter Set

Fun’Ethic Eau Micellaire

Did you ever use micelle water aka eau micellaire? I didn’t, so I was happy as I was able to try one out. This one is from FUN’ETHIC – a french natural cosmetics brand. Their concept is based on categorizing skin in ages: this one is “avoir 20 ans” which means “I am 20 years old” … Continue reading Fun’Ethic Eau Micellaire

S.W.Basics Makeup Remover

Hello girls, you know the problem well, I guess: that ocassional fight with our mascara that won’t be removed… it is annoying and the harsh rubbing of our sensitive eye-area isn’t good for a young-looking skin at all. Also makeup can cost us nerves if we need to use tons of cotton balls or pads … Continue reading S.W.Basics Makeup Remover

Nourish Organic Face Cleanser

Please tell me your most important beauty product… You may now be thinking about your favourite lipsticks, the best mascara, the foundation that perfectly fits… but what would all this be without the product that removes it all again and cleanses your face? My most important product every day is a good cleanser! Why? Well, … Continue reading Nourish Organic Face Cleanser

Graydon – The Green Cream

I presented Graydon before in the post about their sunscreen, therefor I skip that introduction now so that we can directly jump into the review. THE GREEN CREAM This white, shiny and thick cream with a very very subtle green undertone is Graydon’s multitasking product for moisture-needy areas all over the body. I personally only … Continue reading Graydon – The Green Cream

Au Naturale – Stick Blush

It’s spring! Everyone loves spring, everyone celebrates spring and everyone should adjust the make up to the happy season. I do so by using bright colours you usually hesitate to wear. But now is not the season to fear to be a little eyecatcher! The organic creme blusher in ‘Adrenaline’ from Au Naturale has a bright … Continue reading Au Naturale – Stick Blush