Graydon – Glow (Face + Body)

I have a deep love for Canada and Toronto in particular, although I never even visited the country. This may have to do with the amazing people I got to know on Instagram that are living and producing (or selling) organic and local products there. Not only do I love those products, I especially love the people behind the brands. I am going to present one of them here, today.

GRAYDON – clinical luxury

I got to know the brand through my good friend Sarah from Natural Code, where you can purchase their products. She sent me over the GREEN CREAM and the GLOW as a personal recommendation with an order I placed. GRAYDON is Toronto based, supports and sources Canadian grown ingredients where possible, plus the line is vegan with exception of manuka honey in some products.

here you can see both products from Graydon I got (a review for the Green Cream is coming soon)


This shimmery lotion is good for use on face and body as a sunscreen (it has a generous sun protection factor of 30) and as a glowy primer under your foundation. I wouldn’t use it on its own as that is too much shimmer for my taste. But if you like a glowy face plus spf and you don’t need to conceal any impurities – go ahead!

The Glow comes in two sizes and air-tight containers:

small size = 50 ml
big sized product = 240 ml

If you use the lotion only on your face, the small size is sufficient. Otherwise I would recommend the bigger size as you should use sunscreen generously. The lotion is also unscented and therefor suitable for sensitive skin types.

The ingredients providing the sun protection are:

  • mineral mica that redirects light and is also responsible for the shimmery appearance
  • non-nano zinc oxide is a naturally occurring white mineral protecting from too much sunlight
  • sun reflective carrier oils like seabuckthorn and raspberry
  • antioxidants from matcha green tea and spirulina
this is the consistency and colour of the lotion


The Glow is a safe lotion providing the skin with a healthy spf 30 plus a radiant, shimmery glow. It is not the best for my skin type (oily) but I still like and use it on my body or sparingly on my face. You know you should use a sunscreen every day at least on your face (even in the winter!), so the GLOW helps you with fulfilling this point that is hopefully on your new years resolution list as it doesn’t look or feel like a sunscreen.

Note: The Glow has been relabeled and is now called “Face Glow” and “Elements [Sun Complex]” but the ingredients are still the same!

What is your favourite spf-providing product for the face? I would love to hear!