Dr. Scheller Organic Argan Body Oil

This body oil from Dr. Scheller is amazing! Now you already know my conclusion but you are very welcome to read on 😉

Lately I started thinking that there are a lot of German natural cosmetic brands but the hype and gossip seems to be focused mostly on American, Canadian or British brands. So I thought about all the brands I want to see more talked about and I remembered Dr. Scheller, a brand that is available online and in some drugstores and which my mother loves. So I contacted them and they were kind enough to send me some products to try. And the parcel was very generous! And as I opened the bottle of this body oil I was sold. Completely. The scent is just the best mixture of sweetness like fresh waffles smell, with a hint of citrus – just perfect.


The texture is very runny and the oil is transparent. It feels like a dry oil as it doesn’t leave that oily layer on your skin, just the most divine smell. The bottle isn’t perfectly designed, there is always a drop of oil escaping from the top but that can be easily handled, I guess 😉 I’d say the bottle will last me up to a year so the amount and the packaging in a glass bottle is quite sustainable.

The label says the oil has tightening features and is perfectly suited for demanding skin but I can not confirm anything yet, as I didn’t test it long enough.


Next up in the row of good things to mention about this product are the ingredients – and to be honest, they are the most important. No matter how good a product smells, I wouldn’t use it when it contains toxic ingredients. So our skin is dealing with only a few and only non-toxic ingredients here: avocado oil, argan oil, inca inchi oil, sunflower oil, parfum from natural essential oils. Some of the ingredients are from organic agriculture and avocado oil offers an additional spf of 6 – 10 that is not even mentioned on the label.

As the Dr. Scheller body oil isn’t expensive I would like you all to try this product out and be amazed by the scent – like I was. It is such a joy to apply the oily mixture, I don’t want to keep that little secret for myself 😉

P.S: I really like their website, so click on the link on their brand name in the first line of this post to see what I mean.