Balmology Travel Set

I got my first Naturisimo (a UK-based online shop for green beauty) order two months ago and already wrote a review about the Ecotools Brush Set here.

Now, after a long time of testing, I am able to review the Balmology Travel Set:


First of all, the tiny jars are absolutely adorable and handy. They contain oils, oils, oils plus beeswax for texture. The ingredients are great: nothing artificial, all non-toxic, no dyes, preservatives – no added anything! A mixture of pure oils. Not tested on animals.

BUT the oils aren’t organic. That’s the only thing I don’t like about them.

I mainly bought this set because of my love for balms, the scents like neroli and sweet basil you don’t find in many other products and of course for the cute packaging. I see me filling homemade lip balm in there after they are empty…

All of the balms smell amaaazingfresh, like herbs but also a little citrus. You can literally smell every ingredient. If you smell lavender and chamomile – it’s in there, pure and natural.


Neroli and Sweet Basil Cleansing Balm: this hot cloth cleanser (you won’t be able to remove the balm with your hands) can’t be used to remove eye-makeup, but perfectly melts away dirt and makeup from your face. It smells like it is called, a little bitter, earthy, but not at all displeasing.

Calendula and Chamomile Comfort Balm: my favourite, it smells amazing (yeah, there’s no other word to describe it) – calming due to the chamomile and calendula but you can also smell lavender which makes a great mixture, actually comforting (they named their products appropriate). I put this balm onto my dry and hurting elbows or around my nose when getting sick, which is such a relief. Every other spot will be thankful aswell, trust me.

Neroli and Frankincense Beauty Balm (Nourish): this is a rich and intensely moisturizing balm I would recommend mainly using during the cold season when your skin is in need of some extra help. In the past I hated the smell of frankincense so I am relieved it isn’t that penetrating, the smell is comparable to the one of the cleansing balm.


from left to right: comfort, cleanse, nourish 

In my opinion this set is a nice gift (I got it for 17 pounds = 23 euros) or a special treat for yourself as you can change between the balms fitting to the occasion and need of your skin.

I hope you like my review and the pictures I’ve made, trying to capture the sweetness of those tiny translucent glass jars. If you do, please leave a comment or like my post and make my day! 🙂


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