Review: Amo Como Soy Cleanser

*sponsored post* Face cleansing is THE essential step for clear and healthy skin. So to find a good and especially well-suited cleanser is a mission some people need years for. Natural cleansers are the best for your body as they mainly contain potent plant extracts and oils instead of synthetic fillers, emulsifiers and harsh tensides….

Review: Fairybox July

*sponsored post* Pssst… I’ve overheard a secret… the August fairybox is going to hold products worth 60 € ! Do you know what you’ve got to pay? 19,90 € for if you choose the subscription, 23,90 € for if you only want to test one box. It’s a very good deal for you I’d say….

8 natural deodorants tested – one winner!

I know at first it is difficult to find THE ONE deodorant under all the natural options out there. But I am sure this post will help you. I’ve tried all types of deodorant for you: sticks, creams, sprays. In all price categories. From all over the world. All aluminum-free of course. And I’ll show…

Plants that remove toxins from your home

This article about plants focuses on those that are able to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your home and office, that may cause your health to decline. What are VOCs? I’ll let an expert explain: “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the most important class of contaminants in the indoor environment. VOCs originate from both…

Saal&Co event @ Curantus Münster

You know I love to meet like-minded people, especially if the surroundings look as fine as the Curantus store in Münster (a German town known for its students, bicycles and cobble stone pavement). Nearly every one of us ran into a bicycle, they just drive where ever they want. But it belongs to the city and…