Sooo, I decided to start this blog for several reasons. At first, to educate about what we can do to live healthy and what easy steps can be followed to avoid toxins and additives especially in cosmetics. I am picky about ingredients in everything I put on or in my body, so I’m a huge advocate of natural cosmetics! I like all things easy made at home and I’m going to provide you with DIY recipes and facts about that important matter for me. Also I love to choose and promote the best green beauty products available by checking their ingredient list and getting to know their philosophy and sustainability.

Furthermore I’d like to give animals, which are abused and mistreated, a voice and inform about petitions and actions which are current and which need some participation from people like you having a conscience and caring about what happens to other life on earth.

I’d like to connect with other like-minded people!

About me: I am a biology student from Germany working towards achieving my master’s degree. Since I was fourteen I practiced Ninjutsu, which is an awesome martial arts type dealing with the ancient ninja-techniques from Japan. I still attend training as often as I can. I can’t walk past a dog or a cat without staring at because I love them. Don’t get me started about horses… I love to dance, especially to deep and techhouse. If you have any other questions just ask me!

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  1. mrs_nature_ says:

    Ich habe deinen Blog über Instagram gefunden, wo ich dir bereits folge (“mrs_nature_”).
    Ich hätte dir gerne eine e-mail geschrieben, finde aber hier leider keine Adresse.
    Auch ich achte sehr auf Natur, Ethik und Tiere und wollte dich fragen, ob du bereits das österr. Unternehmen Ringana kennst, welches ein durch und durch “grünes Unternehmen” ist mit absolut fantastischen Produkten-
    100% frisch hergestellt, vegan, tierversuchsfrei, ohne Massen an Duftstoffen / synth. Konservierungsmittel.
    Wenn du möchtest, sende ich dir sehr gerne kostenlos ein paar Proben (Reinigungsmilch, Gesichtswasser, Hydroserum, Cremekonzentrat, Hand- und Nagelbalsam, Fußbalsam, Zahnöl, Tönungsfluid) und den Gesamtkatalog mit viel Infos und allen “grünen Produkten” : )
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Österreich
    Tina “mrs_nature_”
    (e-mail: tina.hofmann@gmx.at, Produktvorschau: http://www.frischer-leben.at)


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