Fairybox June 2019 – charity edition

It is already June, summer is approaching slowly and the Fairybox arrived at my doorstep. But this time, it is a special edition with a charity project involved – which makes this box even better!

Let me start by telling you more about the charity: the box included one toilet paper roll, which obviously surprised me. This roll is a symbol for the project between Fairybox and Goldeimer, a division of Viva Con Agua. For each sold set of toilet paper from Goldeimer, they support to build sanitary stations all over the world where people do not have access to a toilet.

As a goodie the box also included a rice coconut milk from Natumi which tasted so refreshing and naturally sweet that I now have to buy it myself from time to time. Now on to the products from this month’ box.

Fairybox June 2019 all products

Baldini by Taoasis

As you know by now, I adore the products from this brand as they create the cleanest and best-scented room sprays and essential oils. I have all of their scents and now I have a backup for the Feel Glück, a fruity and uplifting scent to lighten up a room. The main scent-giving ingredients are clementine and sandalwood but the latter is more in the background while clementine is very prominent. The ingredients are organic, even demeter-certified, which is top notch!

Baldini Raumspray FeelGlück


A very interesting product came from this brand and it goes perfectly with the delivered toilet paper. The moisturizing foam is created to be put on a toilet paper and to clean the anal area after you made your business on the toilet. The ingredients contain a lacto-intensive complex from whey and chamomile and hamamelis/witch hazel extracts and they provide cleanliness with care. I think especially for on the go, this foam is a handy product. It is discrete, fits in every purse and still gives you opportunity to thoroughly clean your area. I think this is mostly known for certain countries and for certain religions – muslims for example mostly clean themselves afterwards with a bottle of water on the go or with a water pump when it is included in the toilet seat. As I imagine taking a full water bottle to the toilet as unpractical, this foam provides a good solution. Furthermore, conventional wet wipes often contain chemicals you don’t want on your skin and the wipe itself is not compostable so it can clog your toilet and stay in the water/environment for a long, long time.

Bioturm Befeuchtungsschaum


Regarding body care, there was a huge glass jar of shea butter in the fairybox from a brand called Dudu-Shea. This version is called fresh but they also have a clean version. The difference is the added scent as many people regard the scent of raw shea butter unpleasant or at least not as satisfactory as all the flowery or citrusy body lotions on the market. But I can tell you, the best moisture comes from shea butter quenching even the driest skins thirst. Actually, I think the scent of unscented shea butter is better than the one from this version, as the added essential oils give the product a very smoky scent – and I don’t want to smell like I was sitting in front of a fire all day. But shea butter in general is a high recommendation from me.

Dudu-Shea sheabutter

Annabelle Minerals

Even decorative cosmetics were in the Fairybox, this time from a brand offering a wide range of mineral products. The eyeshadow in the shade ‘milkshake’ comes in a huge plastic container, you will never be able to finish this one. At least I won’t. I am wearing eyeshadow only occassionally. But the color is very pretty – a light, cool-toned pink that actually looks more white on the eyelids. It therefor is a good base color to add more color on top or to brighten a certain area. Ingredients are mica, kaolin and two pigments (iron oxide and titanium dioxide).

Annabelle Minerals Eyeshadow Milkshake
Annabelle Minerals Eyeshadow Milkshake

No Planet B

The most impressive thing about their shower gel is that they use “baby apples” that are too tiny or too deformed to be used in the food industry and put them in their product as these apples have a high amount of antioxidants and nutrients. Also, 5 cents for every purchase go to the formation of recycling stations in developing countries. So this Fairybox even ends with a charity, so so good!

No Planet B shower gel

So I hope you enjoyed this Fairybox as much as I did, if so, go to their website and put yourself on the waiting list for the next boxes!

Wait, there’s more… the next box includes charity aswell so if you think you can handle some more goodness in your life, consider the next box yours 😉