Fairybox April 2019

So nice to welcome a new month with a new Fairybox full of surprises!

Let’s have a look inside if you missed my Instagram story unboxing it or if you want to have more details about a certain product. Either way, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Fairybox April 2019

The April box came with an Easter special product – an organic tea from Lebensbaum, created for you to relax in the hectic daily life. I think this is a great reminder to take a step back every now and then.

The first product that came into my view and additionally is my favorite one of the box is the natural deodorant from Ben & Anna. They use Natrue-certified ingredients, are aluminum-free of course and use recyclable cardbox packaging. The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate (for those who are allergic to it), followed by soothing shea butter and a bunch of other great plant oils and powders. The scent is, you might guess it, exactly my kind of scent as it citrus-like and fresh, imitating pink grapefruit. But there are many other scents available aswell. EThe stick form is kind of new from them and the deodorant goes on quite smoothly, leaving only a few chunks that will melt into your skin and care for it at the same time as they protect you from stinking.

Ben & Anna natural deodorant

A really nice surprise was the Fairybox-branded lip balm with great ingredients and a nice scent. I can’t get enough of lip balms as my lips are often dry (I know I should drink more water) and as I need one in every purse or pocket 😉 Since I received the box I wore the lip balm nearly every day and it significantly prevents my lips from becoming chapped and it goes on really smoothly – high recommendation.

Fairybox lip balm

The most expensive product in this box is the Apeiron regeneration face cream for nights. It would usually cost you 23 € but that’s actually the price of the whole box including all other products aswell. Nice deal I would say!

Apeiron regeneration face cream

Ingredient-wise they have a BDIH certification and some of the oils are organic; the scent comes from essential oils. The first ingredients is water followed by a vegetable emollient and then peach kernel oil. Afterwards, only more good plant extracts and oils follow. I have not tried it enough yet to tell you more about its efficacy but I will report.

Apeiron face cream

The least attractive product for me unfortunately is this alkaline bath powder with gemstones by Droste-Laux. I know there are a few people believing in a special energy coming from those stones and for them, this bath will be a delight. Other than that, I think the alkaline bath could help regenerate the body after a long jog or intense workout.

Droste-Laux basisches Edelsteinbad

The eye shadow pencil from Puro Bio that came with the box is not useful to me with its blue color (does not look good on green eyes) so I will give it to someone who can rock this look. But keep in mind I love me some Puro Bio, so only this product doesn’t fit me.

All in all this box was well-curated and offers you products with a value of 50 €. Products that you don’t like are a great Easter present for your friends and family by the way 😉 So grab yours if it’s still available or put yourself on the waiting list for the following boxes. Happy Easter to you and your families!