Review: NUI brow sculpt

Can you imagine how difficult it is for a black eye-browed girl to find a suitable brow product? It certainly is not an easy task.

I used to rely on my Dr. Hauschka alternative: a greyish toned eye pencil/kajal. I finished it to a state where I almost couldn’t grab the pencil anymore.

Then I went to the Vivaness natural cosmetics fair, met the lovely ladies from NUI and went back home with a dark colored brow product called “pouri”. It seemed like a suitable color to me and when I tried it on at home I was so happy to have found a legit product for my brows!

NUI brow sculpt in pouri

My brows are black. I sometimes get asked if I died them that way, as my hair is many shades lighter – dark blonde to light brown. But all I did was get harassed by other kids in school for those thick black eyebrows. Then, Cara Delevigne and others came into fashion and soon everyone wanted brows like I have. Funny, how quick it all changes sometimes. In this regard, for whatever people harass you now, always remember tables can turn very fast.

Back to the product, the sculpt is best used with a very small, angled brush that allows you to paint strokes, imitating brow hair. I mostly only fill in the beginning of my brow like this and let the rest of my brow be like it is. I will post a video showing you my technique very soon.

NUI brow sculpt in pouri

The ingredients still are key for me, even if I have found a perfect color, so here they are:

ingredients NUI brow sculpt in pouri

I think there is not a single ingredient I wouldn’t like to have on my skin so I will make this product a daily essential. The plant extracts and oils make it even nurturing to the skin and brows plus it is vegan.

Overall, my impression is that the product feels and looks luxurious and is easy to use. I also really like the girls from NUI so have a look at their store and social accounts if you like!

NUI brow sculpt in pouri packaging