Vivaness 2019

The international fair for natural cosmetics in combination with the leading fair for organic food, Biofach, is over and I was able to attend it as press/blogger. So one of the natural cosmetics highlights of the year is already over and I want to show you what has caught my eye in terms of new products and which conversations where the most memorable. I hope you are up for it and ready to scroll through the news in green beauty!

I will not go into details because I am going to do this in a dedicated blogpost for the brands alone. But you will get an idea of what’s new and trendy.


One quite new brand I really like the founders and the products of is Naturschatz from Munich. They attended the fair at the Breeze station for newcomers last year already and now made it to the area where most of the brands are located. They added facial soaps (yay for long-lasting and package-free skincare!) to their line as well as other skin care products but right now I am testing their soap for dry skin and I will let you know how good it works in another post.


If you are a lover of nordic beauty and untouched nature, you will not get around Inari anymore. Sirkku, who you might know from Hilla Naturkosmetik, partnered up with another nordic woman to create high quality and higher priced skincare that encapsulates the untouched wilderness of nordic forests as many ingredients are hand-harvested from the wild areas. Also, their products contain ingredients you might not have heard of because they are hard to get their hands on. I am trying the moisture boost cream at the moment and will report later.


Italian PuroBio is known for colorful and affordable cosmetics that are certified and fun to use. They newly launched a home series offering candles, room diffusors and soaps as they want you to feel relaxed and in a good mood while putting on their makeup. They color-coded the scents so that you can choose a soap with its corresponding candle if you like. I am trying their “energy” scented candle (orange + cinnamon) these days and will let you know how I like it.

Die Nikolai

If you like regional (well, Austrian) and small family businesses, you should have a look at die Nikolai. They actually own a wine plantation but wanted to use the waste from wine processing and turn it into something amazing as even the waste products are demeter-certified and contain many beneficial substances from grapes. The result is a skin care line with rich creams, serums and lip balms. Also, the plantation, old building and area around seems to be a fabulous holiday destination for a few days.


I had a very interesting and long talk with one of the founders of benecos regarding packaging and I will share my newly gained wisdom with you in another context. Product-wise the newest innovation from this brand is a customizable palette not only for eye shadow but also blush, powder, whatever you like. You can combine all the colors and sizes as you like and do not need to buy a whole palette and only using one color from it for example. Now you have all your benecos favorites in one place. It is really affordable, too.


Newer than new is the latest brand extension Grön from benecos. You can actually decide yourself how you’d like to pronounce it – the danish way or like “green”. It’s a more mature looking product range with decorative cosmetics as well as skin and haircare – and the eyeliner pencils look so good you might want to just put them on your desk for decoration 😉

I did not have a closer look at the ingredients yet but I’ll keep you posted whenever I find out about them. Iheard they didn’t even have the INCI on their packaging as the products are brand new and just made ready in time for the fair. I have seen improvised packaging from several brands actually, they all wanted to have things ready for the fair even if they weren’t ready.


This brand is led by husband and wife and they got attention for their oil pulling products but now also offer hand wash. As their scents were so popular they decided to offer the essential oils as such aswell and I can verify they smell good and so do the oil and hand wash.

Booming Bob

A very interesting find for me was the Swedish brand Booming Bob as they offer oils in all forms with transparency as their top goal. The INCI list with the ingredients therefor is printed on the front of the glass jar! I love that concept because customers should mainly decide for a product with the ingredients in mind and not the marketing or packaging. The oils smell amazing aswell.

Eco Cosmetics

Eco Cosmetics, also a family business, is most famous for their sunscreens so they also developed face creams with SPF. Last year, they presented a new packaging system where you have to press on the top of the jar to get the product out but many customers complained that the cream separates and with the automatic system they were not able to get both phases out of the jar – so the pigment stayed at the bottom and the SPF was gone. They changed back to usual containers now and work great – as intended.


Nui has new lip shades as well as other products that will launch soon (solid concealer!) and which I am excited for. But the best find for me was their very dark brow sculpt in “pouri” as it perfectly matches with my dark, nearly black, eye brows and this is so hard to find! I am waiting for the product now to be able to show you the performance and color in action.


Another newcomer for skincare is Anakena, a one woman brand from the Easter Islands. She creates products with the typical Monoi oil and shares many interesting insights into the Easter Island traditions and people on her Instagram Account. I have her monoi oil on trial these days, which has a characteristic scent and feels good on my skin.

Amo Como Soy

The line from Amo Como Soy is still the same as last year but Schareska, the owner, changed from a jar for her fabulous 24 hour face cream to a more hygienic glas pump packaging. The outer packaging changed aswell, it now opens to all sides and reveals advice from her regarding self-love practices and other information.


The Berlin start-up has three different tastes in toothpastes to offer, with coconut oil as the first ingredients and all others listed and explained at the back of the tube. You can eat that paste actually and they have interesting taste combinations! Lemongras-ginger or blood orange-basil are my favorites.


Unicorn by Spa Vivent presented their new hair soap with a delightful apple scent and offered a vinegar hair rinse that is combined with essential oils to prevent the hair from not smelling good as many report after using pure apple-cider vinegar as a rinse.

I hope you liked this insight. For more information visit my Instagram page and have your eyes peeled for my stories and upcoming posts. Feel free to comment your thoughts about these products on Instagram aswell.

Have a nice day 🙂