Fairybox February 2019

Let’s start this unboxing with a product I think is going to be my new favorite, the Karo Naturkosmetik Face Mousse Deluxe.

Karo Naturkosmetik

Karo Naturkosmetik Face Mousse Deluxe

This heavenly smelling face balm is a rich texture that immediately melts on your skin. The main ingredient is shea butter so it is very nourishing and perfect for dry skin! All the other ingredients look great aswell so I directly used it in my skincare routine. The scent is fresh and reminds me of citrus – I like to put my hands over my nose and inhale the scent deeply after I applied the cream to my face. I only use a pea size amount of product for this.

Also for your face, here is a product from a brand I never heard of before. It is the Bulgarian brand Handmaids and the sore nose balm is perfect when the area around your nose is not only dry but also irritated and red. The scent of cardamom might seem a little weird at first but it has its benefits.

Handmaids Sore Nose Balm

Handmaids Sore Nose Balm

To finish up with the face, Fairybox put a mineral powder from Annabelle Minerals into the box and the color might fit many girls, it is called ‘pretty matt’. It can be used to finish any look and to mattify without making your skin look fake (most natural powders have that feature whereas conventional ones mostly just put a thick layer on top of your skin not having any nourishing ingredients).

Annabelle Minerals

Annabelle Minerals Powder

I have not tried it on very often until now but the mattifying effect works immediately and it is nicely distributed with a big fluffy brush.

Annabelle Minerals

From the face to a totally different region, Fair Squared created a lube and massage gel with green tea extract which is said not to alter the vaginal pH and to be compatible to the use of condoms (which is not a given for any lube, always check this).

Fair Squared Lube & Massage Gel

Fair Squared Lube & Massage Gel

I will only tell you that much: the texture feels according to the function but it does not stay slippery for an infinite time. For how it really feels you will have to put it to the test yourself 😉

Hydrophil Toothbrush

Hydrophil Toothbrush

Last but not least, no wait… there is one more product I forgot. But first, this is one of the best tooth brushes I know from Hydrophil, a German sustainable brand. They mind their water use and create vegan, water-neutral and fair products. In comparison to the usual plastic toothbrush the bamboo is completely degraded and does not leave any waste, whereas plastic, you know it by now I guess, will never leave the environment. It only becomes smaller and smaller and eventually gets eaten by animals that are eaten by humans or the microplastic contaminates the salt we put on our food daily and so forth.

I forgot one little product, a sample or travel size of a citrus tooth paste by Cattier, but the citrus scent or taste is not that dramatic. I think it tastes a little sour but maybe just because I am used to peppermint ones.

All in all, that’s a whole lot of products in this month box! The value this time is 56,99 € for much less 🙂

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