Fairybox January 2019

The first box of the year is always something you anticipate. It’s like most things at the beginning of a new year, you still have hope for things to change, for new things to enter your life and you are probably more open to personal changes. So this is the perfect time for you to start using natural cosmetics if you haven’t already. It has only benefits to offer, trust me.

As nearly always there is one product of a brand I already love in the Fairybox and this time it is Taoasis with their orange lavender massage oil for better sleep. I tried it out and it smells amazing – very calming. After the massage it does not leave the oily layer other products leave, so it soaks into the skin very fast, therefore you might need to reapply during the massage but there is enough product in the bottle. I really appreciate that it doesn’t leave that oily layer because then you won’t have the oil all over your bed.


Next up is a cold cream perfect for the season from studio botanic. I never tried this brand before but I like the minimalistic look because I think that makes it more appealing to men and I also want men to be using natural cosmetics 😉 The cream has a cooling effect due to the peppermint oil which might not be the best choice for a cold cream but also smells amazing due to that ingredient.

I was happy to see a brow pencil in the box but unfortunately the brown color is too light for my black eyebrows, still the brush is very stiff and perfect to style my brows. The pencil from Purobio is quite smudgy for a brow pencil so you will need to sharpen it regularly if you want to only paint strokes like hair.

From brows to lips, there is a pretty, handmade and vegan lip balm from Lipfein in the box that has the scent vanilla-orange which most likely is a best-seller. I prefer products where you can see and feel they are handmade over mass-produced products anytime if they work and this balm is a good one. Always use clean fingers when using a balm otherwise it will not last long or distribute bacteria.

Lastly, there is an eye-cream from Alva with sea buckthorn for dry and normal skin that has great ingredients like shea, cocoa and cupuacu butter. All the areas of our faces are covered now 😉


I hope you liked my review of the January box and will continue to follow me unboxing the Fairybox.