Fairybox Review December 2018

It’s here – the christmas edition of the Fairybox! I was waiting for this since summer ended kind of 😉

Wanna see what’s inside? It’s my pleasure:

I was of course most happy about another product of one of my most-liked brands uoga uoga. The last box contained a liquid concealer, this one has has very shiny lip gloss with the perfect christmas red. It is their cherry lip gloss that usually costs 12,99 € and is composed of moringa-, almond-, macadamia-, jojoba- and raspberry seed oil which provide not only the look but also the care.

The second brand I always love to see is Taoasis, a German brand specialized on scents, aromatherapy and similar topics. Their christmas tree set included a wooden tree that you out into the opening of the essential oil bottle, so that the scent slowly makes it way up the wood and diffuses into the room. The scent “Wintermärchen” is composed of orange, cinnamon and tangerine EO and smells like tea with cookies next to a christmas tree. It’s lovely. And 100 % pure.

Also perfectly christmas themed is the benecos nailpolish in “vamp”. This outstanding color prepares you for the afterparty aswell 😉 The product is 8-free, which means 8 of the most toxic ingredients from conventional nail polishes are excluded. There is no 100 % natural polish avaialable yet, to my knowledge.

To care for your skin after the joyful but also stressful christmas days, Fairybox included a nourishing cream with avocado and hyalurone that costs 18,90 € in stores but comes in this box with an overall value of 51,71 € which is way below the price you pay. The i+m age protect cream has great ingredients and I can’t wait to put it on.

Last but not least there’s a shampoo bar in the box, from a brand I don’t know. It is called Golconda from Athens and the bar contains cocoa and shea butter as well as rosemary and stinging nettle. I never used a shampoo bar before so I am very curious! It definitely saves you plastic.

Did you like what was included in the box?

If not, there comes an organic tea on top, with the interesting combination of chai and coffee. I think one can only love this edition.

Merry christmas to you!