Advent with Keimling

Do you know Keimling? This is a German brand selling the finest quality foods, specializing in raw and vegan nutrition.

At the moment I am enjoying their nicely put together advent set that features two ball mason glass jars filled with deliciousness and solar-powered light!


The glasses are very thick and high-quality, even the lids are special. The lid is composed of two pieces, one to cover the glass opening and one to secure it tightly. The solar piece can be put into the glass and secured or you can use the normal lid. The solar panel has an on-and-off switch and is charged via sunlight during the day. In the evening, it creates a cosy atmosphere.



Inside those glasses were two healthy and delicious snacks. First of all, a huge nut mix in organic premium quality including macadamia, walnut, peanut and others. The ones were you know there are no pesticide residues on them and that the soil has not been flooded with fertilizer and other bad stuff because they are organic quality. Secondly, there were gingerbread (“Lebkuchen”) balls containing dates, almonds and spices – a very healthy and powerful mixture! I am going to take both of them with me on my next trip – knowing I am eating the real good stuff even on the go.

The combination of something to eat and something to look at and use for several times is perfect and I can’t wait to see how long the glasses last when I have eaten all my snacks 😉


Have a look at their seasonal specials as well as the regular range – both are fantastic.