Fairybox November 2018

It’s already November! Can you believe it’s Christmas, soon? I personally can’t wait for this time of the year but I have to admit time runs fast at the moment…

Well, less time to wait for the Christmas Fairybox then! But first, have a look at the products from November:


The most valuable product in this month box is the Heliotrop neck and decolleté serum with hyaluron. It is Natrue certified and contains aloe, acacia and ginkgo extract after the first two ingredients, water and alcohol. The glass bottle looks elegant and I will try and see whether the serum enhances my skin appearance especially at the decolleté.

Also, there was a cleanser inside that contains Bentonite, titanium dioxide and zinc as well as aloe and coconut. The zinc is supposed to clear the skin, but I am not sure why there is titanium dioxide inside because this is mainly used as a sunscreen ingredient or for coloring the product. The 3-in-1 cleanser is from Léa Nature has Ecocert certification but not 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin, whereas 11% are from organic farming.


It’s always good to have a foot and leg cream next to your bed since we also in winter want silky feet and no dry legs. The one from Go & Home, a brand the Fairybox features quite often, contains rosemary and it makes your feet and hands smell like you just were in the kitchen chopping up some fresh rosemary. If you like the scent, you will love this. I also think the cream has a cooling effect which might not be perfect in the wintertime but it is amazing how well it works.


The first product I used up was the dead sea salt batch from Seacret, which I put in my bathtub after I went running for what is an unusual long distance for me in unfortunately too thin clothing. So I needed a hot bath with some sea salt inside.


Last but not least, the Angel Minerals loose eye shadow is a product I think many want to get their hands on. The green sparkly color called Kiwi is very nice for brown eyes but also worked well with my green eyes and some darker shades here and there. It is not very bright at the beginning but buildable up to a certain extent.


Did you enjoy the November products?

Post any questions below and I hope to see you back here for the December box 🙂