Review: Fairybox August 2018

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So what’s in the August Fairybox? Let me see…

First of all, all products are vegan and organic certified either bei BDIH, Natrue or Cosmebio. Also the box (or this time the bag) contains decorative cosmetics as well as skincare and even a scent. And this is where I want to start because I adore the brand Taoasis and their incredible room sprays of which all (I tested 4) smell wonderful!


They are, to my knowledge, the purest room sprays available as they are demeter certified.

Of course there also had to be a summer product inside which is the apeiron face & body cell repair gel with fantastic 97% aloe vera leaf juice! No water to dilute it. I put it on all my sunburns to prevent further damage to my cells.


Then there is a summery blue eye liner from Boho green cosmetics which looks good on every eye colour I suppose as I tried it on my green ones and it looked fine, so all other colors will even look better with a blue hint. Also good for festivals and a more fancy look.


Next we got a nude lip balm from Weleda, a big green beauty player. I personally do not love nude on my lips but I like that the Fairybox contains a product from such a well-known brand.


Last but not least there is a cuticle & nail serum from Sante, which is massaged into the nails and surroundings to nourish the area. Also it looks really cute and is fun at a manicure party I believe 😉


How do you like this month box? By the way, the bag with the Fairybox logo provided made it unneccessary to put packaging chips into the parcel so it is good in two ways.