Swiss Alps

I went hiking for the first time and I absolutely fell in love with was I saw and experienced and therefore I want to share it with you!

Our goal was as high as 2500 m and that’s an announcement for the first ever hike…

where we started our tour – the first impression
005_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
majestic mountain behind the bright-green landscape
028_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
authentic goats – they even all have a name!
048_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
ice-blue lake right below the tiny house we slept in

049_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass

On the first day, according to my Fitbit tracker, we made 21.000 steps (obviously not counting the altitude difference) and on the second day we even made it up to 26.000 steps! I never experienced such an exhausting but rewarding holiday in my life. The view is worth every step. But don’t you think the way down is easier than the way up – it needs less strength but is more demanding to your joints and I highly recommend tightly fitting shoes (which I didn’t own to that time which is why I went through the whole tour with well-worn sneakers…)

067_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
if someone had told me I would be walking on snow and ice I would not have believed it
suddenly there are landscapes reminding me of the Antarctic – even though it still is very warm!

070_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass

074_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
went from a red tour to a blue one (alpine = more difficult and with some passages where you need to hold on to a rope or other things for safety)
091_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
green gras, ice-blue water and snow & ice that is red on the surface (maybe due to the dust of certain coppery stones in the vicinity)
107_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
on the second day we aproached a scenery that just puts the word “heidi” in your head

109_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass

113_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass
the clear water is perfect to fill the quickly emptied water bottles we brought with us

117_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass118_SAC Leutschachhütte_Arnisee_Wichelpass


I hope with this view of the Swiss Alps I could make you feel fascinated (I certainly am!).

If you ever want to visit the same place, I am happy to help you finding it.