The Best Natural (Mineral) Sunscreens

Sun protection is such an important topic. I realize that especially now as I am researching exactly in this field called photobiology. There are drastic changes of cells in response to UV light – consisting of mostly UVA, then UVB and fortunately UVC doesn’t reach our skin as the ozone layer absorbs all of it. So the most wise thing to do is to use a proper sunscreen to prevent premature aging and mutations in our DNA that can lead to cancer. Even better, if this sunscreen is a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical one because we do not want these chemicals, some of which might act similar to hormones in our body, to penetrate our skin. But that is what they do, they penetrate the skin and absorb the sunlight, the energy of which is then transformed into heat which is supposed to prevent the energy to transfer onto our cells DNA and do harm to it. But synthetic or chemical sunscreens are known to harm the environment (see coral bleaching) and should alone for that reason be avoided. Mineral sunscreens work superficially as they mostly consist of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as sunlight reflecting particles that shield the cells of our skin from it. In natural cosmetics we get our hands on the safest of all sunscreens, as even the particles there are not allowed to be nano particles which are discussed as harmful because they might accumulate in our body. Another benefit: chemical sunscreens need 30 minutes to be ready for their action, mineral sunscreens act immediately when applied.

But now, on to the real stars of this article: the sunscreen products I tried that truly prevented me from sunburns (and I did not just sit in the sun for half an hour, I am talking several hours –> always reapply!).

By the way, the pictures always show the products directly when sprayed on the skin in comparison with when I applied them with my fingers.

Laboratoire de Biarritz

A french brand creating fabulous sunscreens and products that contain a certain type of algae they are having too much of at the beaches. Algae are known to resist an extreme amount of environmental stressors like UV light and so they have to have very protective substances in them that Laboratoire de Biarritz is trying to extract and use.


The main type of sun protecting substance is zinc oxide here, followed by titanium dioxide. But although this spray has an SPF 50, it is not as white as you would expect it to be. Also, it smells very nice.

I feel very safe when going out in the sun with this spray and I would reorder it when it is empty.

Another amazing product from this brand: the sun screen for the face with SPF 30 and a light to medium color (depending on if you pick “teinte claire” or the darker shade). This cream also smells very nice and gives your skin a wonderful bronzy glow when applied with a beauty blender. Plus, I never got my face burnt in the sun with this stuff on! I love it.



Eco cosmetics

This brand is very diverse, you’ll find products for nearly any region of your body in their range. Most of all, I like their sunscreens. Why? They are affordable and safe. They mainly work with titanium dioxide in their sun products and add nourishing plant extracts like pomegranate and olive. The sprays are very practical and never let me suffer from sunburn. I never feared getting a sunburn with this spray on and I was right: superficially, I never detected red patches of skin nor dead skin cells.

For those really fearing a white cast on their body I highly recommend the toned version of their SPF 50. But as you can see in the pictures, none of the products let’s you look like a ghost as long as you take the time to properly massage the sun screen in.



They recently launched a new daughter brand, called Ey! to make natural mineral sunscreen available for everyone due to a lower price point. Also the packaging might  look a little bit more appealing to younger audience. The ingredients are similar to the real eco cosmetics products but the latter are a tad more nourishing to the skin.


For those of you that like to go out a lot in summer, visit festivals, go to open air parties with only a little purse: their SPF 15 sunscreen comes in a smaller packaging that fits in nearly every bag or pouch and is sufficient for a reapply from time to time. It is my must have item for visiting the Kiesgrube for example 😉



All of these products are direct recommendations from me to you. I am very picky about my skin and so you don’t have to fear damaging your skin cells when using them. Just reapply from time to time or after contact with water, preferably stay out of the midday sun and wear clothes for extra protection where needed. But these also work on naked skin and several hours sun exposure.