Beautypress Event Cologne 2018

First of all: the location they (the lovely beautypress team) chose again is just stunning! Especially as we had luck with the weather the spring and the flowers just looked fabulous and the building itself is a dream. It is called the Flora in Cologne.

Let’s start with news from alverde (natural cosmetics line from dm drugstore).


What I am testing at the moment is their new toning body fluid with mint and green tea in order to prep my body for summer. They also tried a new design for their jungle breeze edition but some think it looks like it is for men although it is not. What do you think?


Somehow I just love carrots in any form so I was happy to hear they now have carrot face oil with this stunning color. They recommend the oil for skin from 30 years on so maybe I am going to wait a little while longer 😉


For their lipgloss they designed a new shape of brush to apply it because many people complained the brush would not get enough color onto their lips. I have tried the new one and I would say no one can complain anymore.


Of course I fell in love with some of their lip colors again – I tend to always grab those that are a deeper red or bright pink to violet. These are metal glosses but I don’t think they are too metallic (which they often are for my taste).


For those with sensitive skin: here comes the good news! Additionally to their usual line they also offer a sensitive line including concealer, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. The only unfortunate thing it that they had to remove the cream to powder concealer from their range and I loved it so much… but I am currently using one from another brand which I now love.


Last but not least, ebelin, another brand from dm, now offers more sustainable brushes which look so good! These four are the new ones and they are mainly made of bamboo or recycled material but one also still has synthetic bristles.

I was going to the event with my friend Rachael from The Green Edit and we met Elfriede Dambacher there, again. She is a lovely lady with a lot of wisdom regarding the natural cosmetics market. She does talks and tours on events like this or on the Vivaness and she has her own consulting company for natural cosmetics.


As last year, the buffet was amazing so we ate a lot of healthy and delicious food to prepare for the next booths.


We talked to people representing Dudu Osun and Tanamera and there I rediscovered my love for pure shea butter, unrefined, cold-pressed goodness. You actually don’t need any other cream if you have shea butter at home. I feel like it is the most moisturizing thing in the world.


Next we met Zuii Organics and there I got my lips painted in a gorgeous color of their lip to cheek line, I think it was called “plum”. The special thing about them is, that most products smell like roses as they are produced from flowers.a20180421_143221

I got surprised when I met the brand Charlotte Meentzen there because I never heard of it. But after observing all the products they have I felt in love with this body peeling containing green tea and organic cane sugar and I can’t wait to try it.


They also have a red wine serum in case anyone likes to have a glass coupled with a treatment for the face 😉


At the benecos booth, they filled in my brows with their brow styler which comes in three colors and has a brush at the other end of the pen. For my black brows they used the darkest brown they have and I think it worked out for me quite well, didn’t it?


I really enjoyed going there and meeting up with some lovely ladies again, especially Rachael, Karo and Elfriede. The event is well-organized and always makes me leave with a smile. Congrats to beautypress for the successful event and hopefully we will see each other next year, again!


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