Review: Fairybox April – Easter Special

It is time for another Fairybox review, one of the boxes that come monthly and surprise you with many natural beauty products combined with tea or other small food goodies for special occasions.

benecos mascara “steel grey”

In one of the last boxes there was a blue mascara that actually did not look that blue but could also, fortunately, been worn as a nearly black mascara. This one here is also not too far from black so I will also be using it regularly in rotation with my other mascaras. The brush is wide on one side and small on the other and I feel like it works good at reaching every lash. If you don’t think you will use the grey mascara, just put one gray layer on and add a black one on top 😉

Martina Gebhardt rose balm

If you follow me regularly, you know I adore her products and the demeter organic certification. This rose balm is created for skin areas with special needs for moisture and care, so I am putting it on my hands, elbows, rashes or just particularly dry spots. The scent is not too overwhelming – I do not like the scent of roses that much, my mom on the other hand adores it and wants to keep that balm, as it makes her remember a special wellness venue where they use roses after the sauna. If you are a fan of roses aswell, you will love this balm!

boho nail polish base

Finally I’ve got a nail polish base! If you want your polish to last longer, it is a good idea to use a base. Also, as the polish is transparent you do not need to spend too much time precisely drawing that polish on your nails, therefore this extra step does not disturb your weekend plans! Additionally, this one here looks also very pretty on its own, giving your nails a nice glossy look!


Creams of the Stone Age hand balm

I am currently using the hand cream to nourish my feet during the night as summer is coming with big steps. The scent is not fruity or flowery, it just seems to me that it is a scent also good for men. I can not explain it further unfortunately. What’s special about the brand is that 10% of sales will go to social, sustainable projects!

CMD “rio de coco” peeling mask

Last year I used their body splash with the same scent, which was very refreshing coming straight from the fridge, during summer. The peeling mask smells similar and feels good on the skin. The peeling particles are made from bamboo and coconut shell – no plastic!


for you to have a look at the texture of the peeling mask


The Easter special: Carrot & Karma

Organic fruit tea blend from Lebensbaum (truly organic brand!) packaged in compostable “foil”, tea bags from natural fibres and organic cotton thread. Ingredients are: apple, carrot, pear, rose hip, strawberry, rose petals, sweet blackberry leaf, vanilla. The taste is very mellow and gentle, this is a comfort tea!

This month value is 47,21 € and you just have to pay 24,90 €. All products are original size and all except the hand balm are vegan. There is a waiting list you can join if you are interested in one of the boxes, just click the link at the beginning of this article 🙂


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