My Experience With Fasting

It’s crazy, I would have never thought to start such a project as it usually is very difficult to stay away from food for me. But I’ve heard so much good about it and I’ve read a scientific article stating the same, that I just decided to try it out.

The article from “Ernährungs-Umschau” states that there are scientifically proven positive effects measured after fasting on:

  • metabolic syndrome
  • chronic inflammation
  • chronic cardiovascular disease
  • chronic pain
  • atopic diseases
  • psychosomatic diseases

And there are certainly also many other benefits to your body if it is healthy.

My aims:

  • one aim was to see if my skin condition would be better if I avoided the food I usually eat ( I already know that my skin reacts to food as I see more impurities when I eat a lot of chocolate)
  • I also wanted to detox my body, get rid of everything and start new afterwards (the healthy organic juices and the increased amount of water I was drinking during the week definitely helped with detoxing)
  • of course I also wanted to see if and how easy it is to get a flatter tummy, to be honest (fortunately this was not the main reason)

What I drank:

  • organic beet root juice
  • organic tomato juice
  • organic carrot juice
  • teas without sugar/honey
  • a lot of water
  • vegetable broth

The fasting tea from Keimling is a little too spicy for me, but might be a nice something different if you can only drink broth and juices and like the spicy taste. Also, it is organic and vegan and I like that there is only one outer packaging and the tea leaves and spices are free = less waste. Organic juices are ok from every brand but try to drink many different ones and don’t be shocked if your urine looks red after drinking the beet juice 😉 For the plum juice, I wish I had found an organic one that is 100 % pure but this one worked as well and was like 95 % pure.


day 0: already eating less to prepare for the week. No caffeine, alcohol and similar stuff the whole week before.

day 1 – morning: bowel cleanse, fasting tea; midday: juice; evening: broth, tea

day 2 to 5 are the same but without the bowel cleanse

day 6 and 7: slowly building up the normal eating habit with apples, soft food, soups

What it feels like:

The first day was kind of easy, I had a lot of expectations and a lot of unclarity about the process so I just let it come. I did a bowel cleanse, so that the gut is empty and the feeling of hunger is lessened, also it helps starting completely new. I was scared to use the most famous substance for that cleanse, called “Glauber Salt”, because I could not imagine it being healthy and I also read something similar about it. That’s why I searches for an alternative. And I came up with… plum juice! A truly natural laxative that has the same effect as the salt. I drank 1 1/2 glasses of it and waited for about an hour, then it worked 😉

The second day was okay but I had a lot of food related thought, remembered what I would usually eat during the day, remembered delicious cookies from the weekend before and more of this unimportant stuff that came to my mind very frequent.

To be honest, the third day was the hardest where I nearly quit. In the morning, I only prepared my tea for at work so I had nothing in my belly. I felt like I would vomit and I was sitting in a meeting that moment… My colleagues also saw that I was not in a good state that time and told me I looked like I would faint any second. But after I cheated on a few sips of my colleagues smoothie I felt better, gained some strength back after drinking red beet juice and was good for the rest of the day.

When I am home alone watching a series or reading a book I often crave sweets and that made it extra hard to be home alone during that time. Therefor I tried to be very active during the week and away from home. That’s what went wrong on the fourth day, but I controlled myself and didn’t eat anything. But the craving was REAL.

The fifth day was okay, I actually was having a lot of energy. In the evening I was eating out with friends – well, they were eating out 😉 I was sitting there drinking water while they were munching on humus and other delicious foods. But surprisingly, it was not as hard as I imagined it to be. I resisted and the next day, I was finally able to eat relatively normal again. And, shame on me, I was not as slow at introducing normal food to my body again as I should have been. I am still a sucker for chocolate…

Thoughts I got:

It is incredible with how little food our body is able to work properly, walk, think, react. It feels so unnecessary to eat as many meals a day as we generally do and especially the sweets we devour in a huge amount feel like an overwhelming amount of calories and energy when you are on your fourth day of not eating anything. But I also felt that I was unable to do the amount of training I usually do, I even decided not to drive with my bicycle every day. You have enough energy, but not for anything about basic levels of daily life.

How I want to change my diet after fasting:

  • I want to try fasting where you skip one meal of the day, dinner in the best case, so that your stomach has 14 hours or so where it is not full with food. This is meant to be healthy, giving better sleep and not gaining weight.
  • I want to incorporate much more greens, veggies and fruits into my daily diet
  • I want to avoid buying chocolate (which I usually eat at once no matter how much it is)
  • I want to cook more to control what’s in my food although I am cooking quite regularly. But I want to get more fancy, try buddha bowls, more raw veggies, more healthy sauces instead of ready-made stuff.

Would I do it again?

Probably not anytime soon but when my body needs a restart I’d go back to this method.

Please tell me about your experiences in the comments, because I just did fasting once and I bet many of you are experts more than I.



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