Come with me to… Vivaness 2018!

I have the privilege to visit the international natural cosmetics fair “Vivaness in Nuremburg this year again! I am soooo happy to be back there and to say hello to new faces and their brands as well as to get back together with some old friends!

I am happy to be partnering up with Rachael from The Green Edit as last year – we had the most amazing time sneaking onto restricted parties and sleeping in scary hostels plus eating aloe vera with a stranger in said hostel for breakfast…

Who will I meet?

Scheduled are dates with some of the amazing people behind the pr companies Sieben & Siebzig as well as Kuk Kommunikation and the wonderful magazine Schrot & Korn. Also I am going to pay Tried It Out a visit at the Aimé de Mars booth. Plus Liz from Smells Like A Green Spirit is trying to come to Nuremberg as well and I’d be thrilled to have her company there! Green beauty is able to connect souls over any distance and that is what I love (and why I am blogging in English).

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know if you are also visiting the Vivaness, if you have any requests for which brands I should visit and which products I should report about. I will ask questions if you have any, so feel free to type them away in my comments 🙂

Here’s an article I wrote last year regarding the new products from the Vivaness.


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