Review: Ecove – Vegan Cork Wallet

Sometimes, no matter how hard you tried, some items have to be replaced. So as my wallet was literally falling into pieces, I began searching for a vegan, sustainable wallet. Of course I fell in love with the Mat&Natt vegan wallets that look so sleek and minimalistic but are also very expensive. And then, unfortunately on Amazon, I found an affordable, vegan wallet that fits my style.


I never heard about the brand but from my research I found out they are a small company based in Germany. As cork is a natural material derived from the bark of a cork oak, every single one of their wallets has slight alterations and therefor is a unique piece.  The trees do not get damaged by the process of harvesting the cork. All in all they therefor are a sustainable and pretty alternative to leather wallets.


Ecove also uses 100 % recycled paper flyers printed with vegan organic paint. I think it is always worth sharing if a company, especially a small one, takes extra steps towards sustainability.


For me, searching for a new perfect wallet, it was also a criterion that all my cards fit in properly, that I do not have to fold my banknotes again and that I have the whole wallet open with one movement (as the one I had before needed unfolding and sometimes things fell out during opening). All of that works perfectly in my Ecove wallet.


The cork material feels good on the hand and has not suffered from any scratches or discoloration at least in the one month I am using it.


I hope you liked this rarely seen fashion review here. I am trying to expand my sustainability towards clothing and other categories, so maybe you will see more of these reviews in the future 🙂


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