Review: Farfalla Aromatherapy to go

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I bet you know that feeling: it’s cold outside but you need to go somewhere and as soon as you hit the street your nose begins to run. I am always prepared with tissues for my nose but since I have discovered the wonderfully designed Farfalla christmas catalogue I am taking this nose stick scented with pure eucalyptus essential oil with me that was presented in there.

Monoterpenes in the eucalyptus essential oil are said to be antimicrobial and antiinflammatory, plus the stimulation of the cold receptors in our nose gives us a feeling of free breathing. But please take care which oils you are using. I would always only use those from brands you trust and ingredients that are derived from organic farming. Don’t be fooled by some brands that offer cheap oils that consist of a mixture of different things. The effect will never be as good as the one from pure essential oils and can also be toxic in the worst case.


The set comes in a pretty and small box that contains the stick that’s unfortunately made out of plastic with a felt inlay that can be scented with any essential oil you want. One to two drops are sufficient to make the stick smell for several days. To use it, you screw the plastic top off that looks like a labello container. Then there is a smaller plastic stick with a hole on top where the essential oil can be sniffed through.


This might look a little funny to others but at least it is a safe and practical way to carry your essential oil with you!

As I was talking to Jean Pütz a few days ago, a well-known science journalist and visionaire of natural and ecological topics, he told me that he does inhale tea tree oil to fight a cold. He also told me that you should avoid direct contact with your skin and pure, potent essential oils like tea tree and that this method won’t work in advance, so you need to use this method when there’s an acute cold.

So, stay healthy 😉


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