Review: Fairybox October 2017

It’s definitely fall now and the fairybox comes in more than handy!

The October box contains products worth 59,69 € but only costs you 19 € to 24 € depending on the subscription you order. So let’s have a look inside!

Human & Kind Family Remedy Cream


This little tube contains a mixture of very healthy ingredients and according to the people behind the brand it is a multi-purpose product galore! Just to name a few:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • minor burns
  • acne
  • razor burn
  • stretch marks
  • insect bites
  • and the list goes on

If this product is that good, you will definitely see it appear again on my blog, soon, but I think that kind of wonderous product is hard to create 😉

Highlighted ingredients: coconut, shea, centella, calendula, avocado, rosehip, white lilly, chickweed, birch, tea tree

I am using the cream at the moment to smooth my dry elbows and it works quite fine!

i+m berlin phyto balance fluid and cream


I love it when right at the first glance it is visible that a product is fair, vegan and organic and that’s what the packaging from i+m says. So whenever I will be finished with my current skin care I will try those two balancing products together and report about that here.

benecos natural mascara “adorable lashes”


I often think “why do subscription boxes almost never include black mascara as most people use but instead mascara in colours I believe no one buys for themselves?” So I am not sure if this is a form of helping brands get rid of their fancy coloured mascara or if it is a chance for us to stand out and try something new. Let’s  see if this blue colour is my new thing or the one product out of this box I will not use.

Weleda sensitive shower lotion


In comparison to the product above I will most definitely use this product from Weleda. I totally trust this brand and I think their shower products are some of the highest quality shower creams and lotions you will find.

More details about all of the product are coming live on the blog after I have tested them thoroughly.

That’s it for this month and it turned out pretty good! I am curious what the winter editions will bring and I am sure they will include a generous christmas gift.


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