Review: Fairybox August 2017

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I expected this month to be the most summery one, obviously. And so did the Fairybox team. Who could have known that the German summer doesn’t want to be a good one this year? Nevertheless, when there are sunny days, it is important to be prepared to get the most out of them. The Fairybox definitely helped me with it.


The product I was most happy about is the Bentley Organic “Sun Soothe” after sun lotion. The box before contained a sunscreen so the most clever thing was to include a calming and cooling lotion for afterwards. The lotion is vegan, SOIL association certified with 71% organic ingredients and smells very good, like coconut.


It really is fun applying this lotion especially as the ingredients below contain nothing harmful.


The next product was a travel size of a moisture fluid from CMD natural cosmetics. ICADA certification makes sure, there’s nothing toxic inside but I haven’t tried the product yet.


A product I received a lovely message about is this Aimée de Mars roll on eau de parfum in the scent “Mythique Iris”. The scent, as it has nothing citrusy about it, is not my favourite one, but I know why many like it. It smells more like conventional perfume and that’s what many people are searching. The message I got was from a fellow blogger stating that she adores this scent and the story behind the brand which made me like this product a little more. And this roll on is so easy to take with you I bet I will  try it again even though it’s not citrus 😉


Another brand I like most products from and which the Fairybox often contains is Purobio, the Italian brand designated to creating colourful decorative cosmetics – which they are very good at!


Subscribers of the box got this beautiful eye pencil in a creme shade that nearly looks white but isn’t too bright to highlight the inner corner of the eye or the lower waterline. It’s just a refreshing tone for the summer.


Last but not least we have this Matcha powder included in the box, which is from a very trusty German brand called Lebensbaum. I am probably the only green blogger left not having tried Matcha before but now I had the chance. And I first had to google how to prepare it. By the way, I didn’t google it, I used Ecosia – a search engine which uses the advertisement profits to plant trees in several countries!

I still haven’t figured out how to make Matcha tea perfectly but I’ll just keep on trying. Also, I think it is an healthier alternative to coffee so getting used to preparing and drinking it wouldn’t hurt.

I hope you liked this insight into the August Fairybox. Drop any questions below or if you are missing any information. I hope you come watching the next review, too 🙂


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