Review: Fairybox July

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Pssst… I’ve overheard a secret… the August fairybox is going to hold products worth 60 € ! Do you know what you’ve got to pay? 19,90 € for if you choose the subscription, 23,90 € for if you only want to test one box. It’s a very good deal for you I’d say. So have a look at this month box and go to their website to order the highly valuable one for August.

All the products below were in the July box, including:


  • Baldini by Taoasis – a wonderful citrus-scented room spray that delivers instant good mood
  • Speick – shower gel with sustainable packaging and a special flower extract only available in the Alps
  • Benecos – face fluid for everyday moisture
  • Benecos – bronzing duo with a beautiful blush and a bronzer that’s not to glittery
  • samples of Weleda lotions – perfect for short trips

Both of my favourites from this months box are shown below.


Natural products delivered to your doorstep every month with a packaging made in a place for handicapped people. A big thumps up for that!

fairybox july

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