Saal&Co event @ Curantus Münster

You know I love to meet like-minded people, especially if the surroundings look as fine as the Curantus store in Münster (a German town known for its students, bicycles and cobble stone pavement). Nearly every one of us ran into a bicycle, they just drive where ever they want. But it belongs to the city and makes it more eco-friendly.

First of all, the Curantus team is lovely. How likeable does it make a natural cosmetics team if they serve gin at 6 pm? Very! They hosted the event and played tropical house music from Kygo all night long. When I came in the store, my favourite, the very well-composed Intro was playing. Check his music out, you’ll love his summery sounds.

Curantus Naturkosmetik Team in Münster
f.l.t.r.: Melanie, Katharina, me and Raquel

Don’t be fooled by their serious faces – they are fun!

Below you see the small Spa area for facials and mani/pedi plus the showroom at the bottom. One side is full of products for face and body while the other side is dedicated to scents – candles and perfumes.

On the right you see Istvan (founder of Saal & Co) himself while talking to us about his products. He is charming and witty, he doesn’t care about beard care and he has a cool side project for his brand.


The side project, as he sees his brand as a lifestyle brand, presents interviews from people all over the world he thinks are genuinely interesting plus he creates shopping/bar/restaurant guides for men in cities like Vienna and Florence.


You should check out this interview on their website where the Italian tailor is asked “what’s better than sex?“…. and the answer doesn’t even come close to my version 😀

In general, Saal & Co creates natural men’s care that isn’t complicated and looks puristic with its aluminum tubes. He assured us the aluminum isn’t touching the product itself.

Curantus sells brands from Germany and all over the world, so you are able to get your hands on some John Master’s Organics or on Whamisa as well as on Klar soaps.

Klar Seifen. Naturkosmetik aus DeutschlandJohn Masters Organics

I really like how they placed little informative cards next to some products to describe the scent or effect. I think this definitely helps shopping and choosing the right product for you.

Sabe Masson Paris Perfume StickMax & Me oils

During the make up Raquel did on me, I fell in love with the Luk eyeshadow stick (that only comes in the color “bronze”) from Und Gretel you can see on the bottom left. It let’s your eye color shine like crazy! Plus there’s no need to place the color accurately onto your eye lids so it’s quick and easy.


The final look:

Naturkosmetik Make Up Look mit Und Gretel Produkten

Now, if you like, you can check out their online store and shop some Saal&Co or other clean products 🙂


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