Fairybox April 2017 Review!

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Easter time is already over – mine was quite hard to digest. But I hope yours was better!

I don’t want to lie to you and say that the fairybox is able to change anything about the situation I was going through but coming home to the lovely box made it easier to calm down and have a more positive mind. Mainly because the box looks so cute and I liked the product selection – all natural, cruelty-free, safe.

The products

Pukka herbs skin-friendly herbal tea

  • smells heavenly (chamomile, peppermint, fennel) and feels calming to me
  • the inside and the outside of this box are beautifully designed and a joy to look at aswell
  • coffeine-free and 100% from organic farming

Logona day cream

  • for nomal to dry skin
  • I have not yet tested it because I want to finish some other products first but the ingredients arre quite good
  • rose floral water at the 6th place of the INCI list is kind of incredible for the price of this product

Aries hand care egg

  • this egg surprised me a lot and made me smile upon opening the package!
  • only packaged in one carton box and comes without any plastic
  • the natural ingredients slowly melt in your hands and provide your skin with a nourishing layer of wax and oils, scented with lavender essential oil

Ponyhütchen cream deodorant

  • a favourite of mine, but I like to have a break from it from time to time
  • it was the first deodorant that completely protected me from bad smell under my arms
  • one pot lasts nearly a year (the biggest size)

Boho green makeup nail polish

  • the colour looks gorgeous and should suit everyone well
  • 8-free
  • vegan

Spa Vivent white body soap

  • also only packaged in one layer, this huge white soap bar is perfect for under the shower
  • it is fun rubbing the huge round bar onto your body and massaging in the white foam
  • leaves the usual soap feeling but this can be counteracted with putting on a body lotion/oil after showering



You can either buy a single box for 23,90 € or you can buy the full service and you will get a box each month for 19,90 € (you can cancel the service monthly if neccessary).

The products are often chosen to fit the season – you can have a look at all their previous boxes on their website.

A plus is also that the boxes are packaged in a workshop for the handicapped so they also have a positive social impact.

To come to a conclusion: I love being surprised by the fairybox and the hidden products inside, carefully taking every product out individually and filming it for you on my Insta stories. It is fun and it isn’t expensive so there’s no harm in trying it out. Plus you can always be sure that there are good products inside, meaning clean, seasonal and hand-selected!

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