DABBA – true Nordic natural cosmetics

DABBA cosmetics is a magical path to your wildest you that will be brought out by pure aromas of wilderness and powerful extracts of Nordic plants.

Close your eyes, think beautiful thoughts and feel the power of Northern nature!


Needless to say, the dark display of the brand Dabba really stood out in the flood of white or colorful stands at the fair Vivaness 2017. But that is what defines the brand from Latvia. It is minimalistic and represents the long, dark winters of the Nordic areas and their short and very vibrant, bright summers (now you might understand the design of their packaging/products a little bit better!). I seldomly saw a shorter INCI list on the back of a product and that makes me really happy.


I once bought a set of three floral waters as it just never came to my mind to spray something artificial onto my face that I also inhale while using. I never saw the point in spraying something extra on my face after or before I already used a cream and other products. Now, with the floral waters of Dabba, I finally see the point and I try to inhale as much as I can because the pure floral scent has benefits to my mindset, too. For example when I am using the chamomile floral water daily (mornings and evenings), I benefit from the calming properties of the plant on my skin plus – we all know that – the calming effect chamomile scent has on our mind. My mother used to give me chamomile tea to drink when I had stomach ache (thank god I do not associate the scent with stomach ache now 😀 ), that’s why I feel cared for when I smell chamomile.


What I say about the floral waters:

if you want something truly pure, you have to have at least one of the floral waters.

Have a look at those (2!) ingredients:

Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile) flower/leaf/stem water, Leuconostoc/Radish root ferment filtrate. May contain naturally occuring plant substances: Geraniol, Linalool.

100% Natural origin of total ingredients.

99% Of total ingredients are from organic farming.

Certification level: ECOCERT ORGANIC

What the founders say about the floral waters:

to find the right one, you just need to follow you nose – smell the different scents. If you don’t like one, it probably won’t work for you. If one particular scent speaks to you, this one is likely going to be of good help for your skin and your senses.


Dabba launched new products to their kind of minimalistic product range, and among those are face elixirs and oils. I was able to try the raspberry oil elixir for a couple of month now after I sprayed my face with the chamomile water and at the beginning, my skin turned dry around my mouth and I wanted to reach for a heavier cream or lotion (it was winter by the way). But I resisted because I wanted to give the elixir some time to work and my face some time to adjust to the new skin care. And after 1 or 2 weeks, the dryness was completely gone! Now I am totally happy with only using the elixir on my face (well, 5 drops of it every morning and evening). I think everyone has to find the right amount of product for themselves. AND give those natural products some time to work – at least one skin cycle so around a month should show results.


Another new product is the body oil with revitalizing or calming properties and although I have it here, I wasn’t able to properly test it yet. But my expectations are high 😉


Now I don’t want to  keep the lovely faces, that made all of these products, back from you. Here they are, looking all lovely, after a busy day at the Vivaness fair. It was already 6 o’ clock and time for all visitors to go home and for all the exhibitors to finally relax. And they still managed to smile for us and tell us about their farm, where they grow the plants that went into the flower waters/face elixirs and other products.


I, personally, would looove to visit this farm one day, lend them a hand, take pictures for you and be happy in nature and with great company. But that is just a dream of mine 😉



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  1. Laura says:

    Wonderful story! Thank you for listening so carefully! You are very welcome to come and visit us!


    1. Thank you! I just had to share all the good impressions and feelings I have about you and your products so it was my obligation to listen carefully 😉 I might really come visit someday, then I am going to contact you again, thanks for the offer! 🙂


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