Beautypress Blogger Event

I love going to blogger events and meeting new like-minded people as well as innovative brands and products or gain new information. This year, my second blogger event after the Vivaness was the beautypress event for natural cosmetics blogger in Cologne.

It was a pretty location in a beautiful building in a park and they served delicious food. Unfortunately they also offered fish and meat but the vegan or vegetarian options were amazing. I had vegetable noodles with lentil bolognese and oven veggies plus potato salad and of course desserts like cakes and creams.

The event didn’t really have a program, everyone was able to go visit a stand of one of the brands whenever she (no male bloggers) wanted but there were talks by Elfriede Dambacher every full hour about the natural cosmetics market and some ingredient insight. What you see (or don’t see) in the picture below is paraffine, the mineral oil based ingredient from conventional cosmetics that is not at all good for your skin. I found it interesting to finally see and smell it as it is and I thought you would, too.


Elfriede is a lovely lady and she was there from the beginning of the green beauty movement in Germany (she actually also opened the first green beauty store, it was in Berlin!) so she can tell you a lot.

A stand I was very excited to see was the one from alverde with all the new goodies that will be available in the new 1 meter product displays in dm drugstore.

I already love the silver packaged lipstick in ‘fuchsia’ from them and now they have two new nudeish colours (’01’ and ’03’) as you can see below. Plus more lip liners with a fine painting end and some lip tints with a special coral colour in them.


Another new product is a lip gloss with 3D effect.


I haven’t tried it on my lips but on my hand it looks like the most shiny colour I have ever seen. I personally wouldn’t wear it on my lips but I can imagine an outstanding glossy lids look with it.

The red colours on the back of my hand are swatches of two new mat lipsticks and the lower one is a swatch of the coral lip tint – very pigmented!


Next they showed us the new teint corrector duo – foundation in a tube and concealer and mirror in the lid of the packaging. Could come in quite handy sometimes.


This wasn’t the only new product for the skin – they have lots!

For example: a make up mousse that feels heavenly, a foundation serum, a gel foundation, two contour palettes, a hydro primer, make up remover, blushes and and and…


Below are the contour palettes in two slightly different shades.


By the way, did I mention the food was very good? 😛


Luvos healing clay was there, too, and presented the medicinal series as well as the detox products and the masks that have always been there. This one below is new and sounds like we all could use it from time to time 😉


I kind of imagined a huge hole in the soil with some gigantic diggers like they have when they remove coal. But the ladies from Luvos promised it would only be s small area in Germany that already serves them healing clay for around 30 years now and they only need a special layer of the soil, the rest is piled up again and not used for the products.


My recommendation, as the paste and other already mixed products from Luvos contain Phenoxyethanol as preservative, is to only use the pure healing clay in powder form that is not mixed with anything and can be used internally and externally. I love mixing my own masks with it in combination with a floral water for extra benefits.

A start-up was there, too, and it’s from Berlin selling toothbrushes that biodegrade within 5 years. Instead of 500 or never if we compare it with conventional plastic! And the brushes are cheaper than the famous bamboo ones everyone should know by now so the obstacle to go from conventional to green isn’t as high anymore.


The company is called bio brush and has a high standard for sustainability. The foil each brush is packaged in is biodegradable, too, but even quicker than the brush itself. It only takes a few weeks. The bristles are still not biodegradable but also the dyes for the bright colours the brushes come in are environmental friendly. They presented their brushes in combination with My Magic Mud, a company selling natural teeth whitener I am testing for you right now.


Last but not least you can have a look at the look a make up artist created on me with Annemarie Börlind colours and powders. That’s definitely not my typical day time look but I wanted to see if (a hint of) green eyeshadow works well with greenish eyes.

The brand is not certified natural cosmetics so they are allowed to use Phenoxyethanol as well. It is everyones own decision if they can deal with that or not. I would not use this one daily or often because there are so many cleaner options.


I didn’t present all of the brands that attended the event, I just wanted to show you my highlights. As an important beauty fair took place in Bologna this weekend many brands weren’t able to represent their brand with their own people so some make up artists for example where hired from somewhere else. My recommendation would be to schedule the event differently next year but overall I was very happy and had lots of fun!

Thank you Elfriede and beautypress for inviting me and all the brands for the goodies to try! I am curious to see the other bloggers opinion about the event.


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