Natural MakeUp Look with Vivaness Products

I think I am going to start putting my natural cosmetics looks up here, too, so that everyone can see the results of what I preach. That natural cosmetics deliver the same or even better results compared to conventional cosmetics – without harming your body or the environment!

I created this look to try and combine some of the goodies I got at the Vivaness natural cosmetics fair because I couldn’t wait any longer so I needed to try most of them at once 😉


I started making my brows, then applied the Alterra nude perfection contouring set as a concealer under my eyes and as a bronzer under my cheekbones. Over this I put the Purobio compact powder in 04 all over my face. Followed my natural lash line with their kajal “1 day” and followed the same line with their eyeshadow stick “1 day”  – they come in a double ended pencil. As I didn’t want my lower lash line to stand out as much as the upper one I only put the lighter shade there that doesn’t have that orange colour. I covered my lashes with one layer of UndGretel mascara in brown and put on the Uoga Uoga lip and cheek colour in “tender” with a brush. I also dabbed a tiny amount onto the high points of my cheeks as a blush. That’s it.

How do you like this look? I think I want to find a lip colour that matches the orange a little bit better but I am quite happy with all of the products! The Purobio pencils stay on literally all day, that’s really impressive.

P.S. you have the chance to win some pieces of their new collection when I reach the 1000 follower mark on Instagram and the 100 mark on WordPress. So be sure to recommend my sites to a few friends 🙂


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  1. janahpinku says:

    Love your makeup look! Your lip color really matches your skin tone. 💕

    Janah from


    1. thank you, Janah! I was impressed, too. Uoga Uoga has two lip shades that seem to perfectly match my skin tone, one lighter and one slightly darker. Would be perfect for a day and a night look 🙂

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  2. janahpinku says:

    Sounds so interesting! I am going to search for that cosmetic brand, although I am afraid it is not readily accessible from here. Still, such a lovely natural makeup look. 💕


    1. Are you in Korea or just a Korean Beauty lover?


      1. janahpinku says:

        Just a K-Beauty lover. I’m from Manila, PH. 💕


      2. janahpinku says:

        Hallo Deutschland! I see you are from Germany. I have a sister who lives in Berlin. Hopefully, I will be able to visit your country soon. 💕


      3. that would be nice! You can definitely get your hands on the brand from Berlin 🙂

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  3. Savanna says:

    I love that you only applied eyeshadow on the lash line. It looks so fresh and chic!


    1. Yes it really gives that ‘something special’ to the eyes and you don’t even directly see it. It just brightens up the eye 🙂 and I think the shade suits every eye colour well.


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