Favourites from the “news booth” at Vivaness 2017

It is amazing how “at home” I felt visiting the Vivaness in Nuremberg although it was my first time. Might be due to my wonderful company there. I really enjoyed my time at the fair, meeting all the new and known faces. I will show you some brands and products in detail soon but I know you first want to have a glimpse at the new things the natural cosmetic market has to offer.

I already fell in love with scented candles (if the scent is natural and interesting) but it seemed to me that the whole market only covers soy wax candles. And we know that too much of one type of produce on the fields isn’t good for the agriculture/environment. So the German brand stuwa Kerzenfabrik now offers Rapeseedoil Candles called Naturelight if anyone is interested in a little diversity.


A funny looking thing I discovered is this toothpaste on a stick… yes, you’ve read it right. At first I thought it would not be very sustainable to use this stick just once. Then I read the packaging and it says you rub your wet toothbrush onto the product on top of the stick and then put it back into a cup to dry. The stick from Lamazuna is compostable and the toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride.


This fancy looking natural perfume called Spicy Impact from bio happy is Natrue certified and did catch our nose as much as it did catch our eyes 😉 The packaging looks a little masculine but I’d say the scent is unisex. Not too woody, not too sweet.


Regarding the scent another discovery was this peppermint-chocolate balm from Zoya Goes Pretty. I didn’t even look at the ingredients as I am not so interested in the product but the scent-combination was what attracted me to it.


Now on to a brand I loooove because it is so pure ingredient-wise and the founders/formulators are such a  wonderful couple. Dabba released a few new face oils/elixirs as well as body oils and a baltic sea salt spray! A review of the products will be on the blog, soon but I can say in advance that I was delighted.


A brand not many people, especially not German people, may know is Lenz. They try to use as much local ingredients as possible so the chamomile, sea buckthorn and others are produced in Germany and I love supporting that. They just released new safe products for babies and mamas.


I am a big advocate of a very short ingredient list. So I am happy when I see a brand like Primavera launching a pure, raw, organic shea butter. The scent is typical for unrefined shea butter and might be new and odd to some people but it really is worth it using the unrefined butter with all its natural benefits.


Birkenstock (yes, the big and nowadays again trendy shoe brand) launched their own skincare! Of course it has to contain their main ingredient: cork. It is derived from the cork oak and doesn’t harm the trees. It is said to have good properties for skin care as well plus they added it as a design piece onto their packaging – which is really cool as you can buy refills for the outer packaging so there is no unneccessary waste of the cork.


I think in 2017 many brands want to offer an alternative to the famous Schmidt’s deodorant. I saw several brands launch products with a similar design but with one or two features that were promised to be better than the competition. Acorelle for example stood out with its tasty scent (especially the Lemon & Green Mandarine one – so refreshing!). Another brand I will show soon offered finer baking soda that prevents the reaction some people have to the coarse baking soda.


So, that’s it for now! More about the Vivaness to come very soon. What do you think of the newbies? What do you want to try and what do you think is unneccessary? I’d love to hear!



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  1. Savanna says:

    That toothpaste looks rather interesting! I wonder what it’s like to use.


    1. Yes the toothpaste stood out 😀 I would love to try that, too. Especially if it is more sustainable than the conventional tube.


  2. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time at Vivaness. DABBA is an amazing brand, but I’m not sure what to think of the Birkenstock cosmetic line. It’s hard for me to imagine them other than a shoe line ;D xx


  3. naturlily says:

    At first I was like, heeeeyyy, that white knit looks familiar hahaha


    1. The look was so good! I thought as your face isn’t really recognizable here it is ok to post it? I want to post it also on IG on its own, do I have your permission? 😀


      1. naturlily says:

        Of course it’s fine, you can’t really tell it’s me anyway 😄 x


  4. Laura says:

    Greetings from DABBA! It was a pleasure to meet you!!!


    1. Ooh so nice you’ve found and read my article! There is more to come exclusively about DABBA soon on the blog 🙂 It was a huge pleasure for us, too!


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