My personal New Years Resolution

Right now, I am sitting in bed having some time to think and what’s better now than to recall the last year and point out the things that need more or less attention in order to improve the next 12 month in comparison to the last year?

Overall, I want to set priorities a little differently, focus on my health and to be near my loved ones, reduce stress and anxiety about the future and be more gentle to our environment in any way. But see the details for yourselves below (goals listed in no particular order):

  • give away presents often
  • see my family regularly
  • use less What’s App, talk to people on the phone
  • make time for important things like fitness and healthy cooking (I tend to say I don’t have time for those things when I come home late but instead of watching a series or scrolling through social media, I could replace these activities with activities that are good for me in real life)
  • less Facebook-scrolling, less other time-consuming unimportant things
  • throw honest compliments like confetti
  • go out into nature as often as possible (not only for the vitamin D but also for some grounding, balance and free time from the internet)
  • make work as enjoyable as possible, go there with a happy mind instead of waiting for the evening when you arrive home – there are so many hours in between you shouldn’t just let pass while waiting for something else
  • be brave and try new things
  • be more spontaneous
  • get up earlier to make things happen
  • be proud of what you already achieved, don’t let others success influence you and your journey
  • never go to bed with an angry or sad mind (my dad always tells me to avoid that but I find it difficult to do sometimes – he says that you never know what tomorrow will bring or if you or your loved ones are healthy and therefor you shouldn’t end the day with an argument with your boyfriend/wife/mother/anyone important)
  • try harder to live waste-free (this is sooo impossible… but every waste reduction counts)
  • try to stick to cheese alternatives to become vegan (I basically only (but en masse) eat cheese on bread, as topping on savory meals and sometimes plain and I hate the fact that cows are suffering for this)
  • travel more (I am a little uneager to travel in comparison to other people, I like my hometown, I like to be near my friends and family and I think Germany is a quite good place to live but I know I am missing out on so much adventures)
  • don’t let life pass working towards what society wants you to do while you forget to pursue your dreams or link both toghether if you can (I am doing the full university career to achieve knowledge and experience to be able to influence something in the field of biology later but I have to remind myself to take a break sometimes to also do other things I always wanted to do instead of rushing through my bachelor, master and probably doctors degree)
  • don’t always postpone meeting friends

I think this is it for now… quite a lot of tasks to work on. I hope you were able to find yourself somewhere between my lines or spotted something inspirational for your year to be better than the year before!

You don’t need to have been gone through a rough year to be able to set new goals – you can always improve your lifestyle, increase your knowledge, repair things you did wrong. So stay curious and open-minded for new things to come and for a personal change in 2017!


Wish you all the best,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Catgirl says:

    sehr schön 😀 da kann ich einiges teilen 🙂


    1. danke dir! 🙂 hoffen wir, dass wir beide am Ende des Jahres sagen können: geschafft – wir haben das Jahr für uns und Andere besser gemacht!


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