Kipepeo – clothing that improves lives

Last month I got to know Martin and his brand Kipepeo at the Heldenmarkt Düsseldorf, where all kinds of sustainable brands were able to present their products. I went to his booth and saw these sketchy and spidery drawings of animals peeking out of a pocket, some were visible full size with an even more spidery handwriting of names I never heard of. Of course you are going to ask that man: what’s all this about?


What he explained is kind of what’s written on that circle here:


Martin went to Africa in the past to teach in Tanzania temporarily. As a good-bye gift he got a drawing of an eleven year old girl that he then back at home in Stuttgart, Germany, printed onto shirts and sold to friends and family to be able to pay for this girls school fees. That’s when Kipepeo was born.


Now, Kipepeo is able to  help the whole school and area by selling their shirts with drawings produced in the everyday Tanzanian school lessons and with investing a part of the proceeds to better school equipment, establishing a cycle of organic cotton production and processing in Tanzania and therefore providing the local people with fair paid jobs which is seldomly seen in the textile industry.

Martin with the girl whose drawing started Kipepeo


During his presentation at this fair he told us the whole, emotional story behind the brand, the story that is helping many children and adults in Tanzania live a better live and is providing us with super soft, organic shirts that have designs on it everyone will ask you about 😉

Unbenanntes Bild.png
which one is your favourite?

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