New vegan store in Düsseldorf: VeganWiese

Yes, it is a store opening again. But I don’t mind at all because I can’t wait for more and more vegan/sustainable/natural stores to open in my beloved hometown.

With VeganWiese, another step into the right direction was made. This store aims to offer you unique vegan products from clothing to food and cosmetics.


You are welcomed by store owner Claudia and a lovely friend that helped her during the renovation process and still does – plus a sign advertising cold coconut water and smoothies, vegan of course!


The front windows look adorable and display those cute handmade bags, that catched my eye immediately. The woman behind the brand Miyas hand stitches these vegan clutches and cosmetic bags and Claudia is proud to support small businesses like hers. I like that mentality a lot!


I would love to take one of these bags home with me. The next time I am there, I can’t resist anymore. But that’s not too bad because these bags also are affordable!


The part I was most curious about was the natural cosmetics section, which is still very small but carefully chosen. At the moment it only features Lenz and Urtekram. Lenz is a German certified natural cosmetics brand that prefers to use local and organic ingredients and which is hard to get your hands on compared to other brands. Therefor I am very happy I know where to grab some of these well-scented and purely manufactured products. Urtekram is a Scandinavian brand that sells natural cosmetics and food and which also has a product series focusing on allergy-prone skin.


As we are speaking of allergies… Claudia has a huge history with allergies and sensitivities so she should be the perfect contact if you suffer from it, too, and need some advice on products. She said that both Urtekram and Lenz were not causing any reactions when she tried them.




There are plenty of vegan options to eat from savory meals to sweet treats and milk alternatives. I was happy when I saw so much glass jars instead of plastic in those shelves. The glass makes them a perfect looking gift aswell. Claudia also plans on creating some vegan gift baskets in case you don’t know what to buy your vegan friend for christmas or birthday 😉



If you see any empty spots in those shelves, the owner is planning on incorporating more clothes in the near future. I am very excited about that!


I told you the store is supporting small businesses – here is another one. A lady that handcrafts those stone pictures and every one is individual. Also for sale and making a wonderful addition to the vegan gift basket.


At the end there is time to talk about the amazing 100% biodegradable bags that feel like soft plastic but are made up of corn starch :O


If you are near Düsseldorf, be sure to check VeganWiese out and support small businesses – plus the absolutely honorable way of life where no living being is harmed.


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