Vatter – Organic Underwear

Most of my first sustainable and organic clothing items were underwear so I guess you can say this is what’s most important for me. And it is for a reason: nothing comes closer to you during the day (and sometimes night) than these little pieces of fabric covering your intimate parts. Just count the hours you are wearing underwear per day and you will soon recognize that we all should have a closer look at what these are made of.


I always get strange looks and rolling eyes if I talk about eco underwear. “You are such a hippie”… yeah. Not really. But I care for the environment and I still look sexy in my underpants. Maybe even best in the organic ones.

So today I want to introduce you to VATTER fashion – “cotton with attitude”.


Vatter is a German brand selling organic underwear from Munich.

Fabrics are dyed only with GOTS certified colours and are not harming the environment or the families putting them together as they treat those Greek and Turkish family businesses fair.

The cotton is grown organically, using organic non-GMO seeds that are never treated with pesticides or other toxic chemicals –> good for the environment, good for the farmer, good for you plus saving water.

Vatter supports different charity projects and helps you avoid any harsh substances where you definitely do not want them.


I ordered my panties in “small” and they fit, but are very tight. Are they comfortable? Yes, for sure. But the ones without a decoration band are better to wear.


My favourite might be the white one with the dots but also the standard “boring” black panty looks good. Especially if you know that they were produced the way I stated above. It makes you appreciate the product even more.



Also important to mention: the packaging is adorable and of course made up of recycled and recyclable materials. Every piece comes in its separate cardboard box and I am still thinking of a way to not throw them away and upcycle them. Any ideas?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, toller Bericht! Die Marke kannte ich noch gar nicht. Lg


    1. Danke dir! Ich freue mich, wenn auch ich dich mal inspirieren kann 🙂


  2. Toll! Gerade Unterwäsche finde ich immer schwierig; da schaue ich mich direkt mal um.


    1. Ja da hast du Recht. Freut mich, dass ich ein wenig helfen konnte. Manche kleineren oder neueren Firmen muss man erst mal entdecken 🙂


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