Zielonka – wohnen und leben [Freshness bag]

You know I am expanding my sustainable way of life to every category you can imagine – always on the search for a better product. Better means: no exploitation of nature or human beings, no animals harmed, no toxic substances, an ethical brand philosophy and so on. And finally, the products have to work. What does it count if a product is produced fair and organic but doesn’t work and goes to waste anyway? So I got to try some products from Zielonka  and they may not meet all the things stated above (at least they don’t label fair production and organic ingredients) but they definitely are on a good way and the product I present here REALLY does work.



The bag is made up of polyester and waxed cotton. This texture allows the air to circulate and the water serves to increase air moisture which leads to a long period of freshness. The cotton doesn’t seem to be of organic origin, unfortunately, so you may want to wash it before the first use.



All you have to do is put some vegetables or fruits in the bag, spritz them with water and put the closed bag into the fridge. I used the bag for tomatoes, rocket, carrots and bell peppers until now and it worked fine for every one of them.

The rocket you see above was in this bag for 4 days and looked like I put it in there an hour ago. The appearance and the taste were fresh and I was able to use the big amount of rocket I bought over several days so that nothing had to be thrown away. Check for sustainability.

I recommend washing your vegetables before you put them into the bag so that the pesticide residues and whatever jucky substances are left on the produce are removed and do not accumulate in the inside of this bag.


Also it is always preferable to get your produce out of the plastic you probably bough it in. Plastic and dyed paper/cardboard are likely to transport the toxic substances remaining from the process of dying into thinly covered fruit and veggies. For example apricots, bell peppers, mango – all these absorb other substances quickly.

So although I dislike that the cotton isn’t organic it still is better to use this bag instead of plastic, dyed paper or the plain fridge surface (how often do you clean the fridge… hm?). And one thing is for sure: if you want a long period of freshness and unaltered appearance of your veggies, this is the solution you were looking for!


Additionally, the bag fits into every corner of your fridge and does look pretty pretty 😉


Next up from Zielonka will be a review about one of their bpa-free water bottles from aladdin. Until then and especially if you like baking you should check out their website: http://www.zielonka-shop.com/de/



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    Davon habe ich noch nie gehört ^^ Interessanter Post auf jeden Fall.

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